8 Disney Princess Hairstyle Ideas For Your Wedding Day

Mishka Saisha |Oct 28, 2019

There are many styles can complement the aesthetics of your wedding vibe. Here are 8 bridal princess hairstyles that get inspired by Disney princesses.

You might get overwhelming with hairdo choice for the wedding. There are many styles that can complement the aesthetics of the wedding vibe and make you feel comfortable also.

Here are 8 bridal princess hairstyles that get inspired by Disney princesses. Let’s check it and make a choice for you.

Braided Ponytail From Princess Jasmine

If you have a casual and effortless wedding, this is a choice. Your hair is slimly braided, flown down the back and tied together at different points. The hair balances between done and undone, keep off your face so you can enjoy your dance without any worry.

princess Hairstyle
Source: Oui Novias

Twisted Ponytail From Belle

The hairdo is simple but it’s a favorite among brides around the world. It’s totally easy to do, especially suits for the summer wedding. You just need to twist a few locks of hair on either side and secure it with bobby pins, then use accessories to tie the end of the hairdo.

princess Hairstyle
Source: Bride Magazine

Messy Low Bun From Cinderella

If you are looking for an OTT hairstyle for your fairy-tale wedding, this classic one is a perfect choice. The hair is curled for a voluminous look first, then tied in a messy low bun by pulling out some hair strands. And finally, a beaded hair-piece is added for an extra touch of sparkle.

Source: Brides Magazine

Loose Fishtail Braid From Moana

Braids are an endless hairstyle and suit for both beach-themed or formal wedding. And you can combine this loose fishtail braid with a hair twist on either side to have a perfect one. Especially, you can try braids whatever your hair length is.

Source: Benjamine Stone

Magical Floral Bun From Snow White

You can curl and twist your hair into a smooth up-do that bring to you some romantic vibes. Then you can adorn the hairdo with an array of flowers. This look suits minimalist, modern or chick brides who like having sweet looking for the big day.

Source: Etsy

Majestic Braided Barrette From Rapunzel

If you have beautiful long hair, let’s transform to Rapunzel on the big day. The hairstyle features a tousle of curls and the hair at the center is weaved into a loose braid. You can embed some small flowers between twists and knots to finish the gorgeous hairdo.

Source: Hairspray Studio

Elegant Low Chignon From Tiana

If you prefer a classic hairstyle, low chignon is a choice. You can make braids first then flow down the hair to form a chignon. The hairdo seems quite simple but embedding a golden leave wreath as an accessorize can make your wedding look more unique.

Source: Google

Low Twist Knot From Aurora

Since the century wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, this hairstyle has become a favorite one of many brides for its effortless elegance. Even it’s easy to do but you might need hairspray to keep the hair in place throughout the day.

Source: Google

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