Akshay Kumar Net Worth 2020 - How He Earns And Spends

Nalini Suri |Feb 11, 2020

With nearly 3 decades of contribution to the entertainment industry, Akshay Kumar writes a certain place in Top 10 Richest Bollywood Actors. Akshay Kumar net worth and properties can have your jaw dropped. See them below!

Being a punctual and disciplined celebrity in B-town, Akshay Kumar is the only Bollywood star to emerge the 33rd in 2019 Forbes list of World’s Highest-paid Celebs. Akshay Kumar net worth even surpasses several popular A-class Hollywood stars such as Rihanna, Katy Perry, Scarlett Johansson, Lady Gaga, Chris Evans and Bradley Cooper.

Akshay Kumar net worth in rupees

Akshay Kumar’s stardom takes no arguments when occupying a definite position in the Top 10 Bollywood Richest Actors. The superstar churns out the highest-paid actors with his grossing of Rs. 1050 crore in 2019.

Akshay Kumar's acting skill is legendary!

As of 2020, Akshay Kumar net worth is estimated at Rs. 1192 crores (equivalent to $168 million). However, this figure doesn't come in one night, let's discover his long journey from a young man with a mere 1,500 rupees a month to the top richest stars with his asset now.

How Akshay Kumar net worth built up through years

  • Tough days before acting

For the uninitiated, our superstar had spent time working as a chef at a restaurant in Bangkok to earn 1,500 rupees per month when he was there to study martial arts. He came through some other jobs including martial art teacher, model, background dancer, and photographer assistant prior to appearing as an actor.

Akshay Kumar used to be a chef in Bangkok
  • Exponentially increasing acting salary

Some years later, during his visit to a film studio, he started to link to the acting career with his portfolio. He was luckily picked a lead role in his debut movie Deedar in 1992. From the initial days of his acting career, he received a lot of criticism on his character but he turned to breakthrough when playing in Khiladi in the same year.

Akshay Kumar in his debut movie - Deedar

Up to now, the Bollywood statue of acting owes a treasure chest of over 130 films in all types. Much busier than many other actors in B-town, Akshay schedules an average of four films per year. The versatile actor charges for a certain amount from Rs 0 to Rs 30 crore per film. There are some rumors that he charges Rs 1 crore per day, so can you imagine the enormous net worth of Akshay Kumar?

Akshay Kumar looks even better with age

Are you wondering about his figure of Rs 0? The found truth behind is that the actor assumed 50% of Airlift's profit instead of charging a fee for his role.

  • Profit from endorsements

Akshay has infused his name as a brand for an endorsement deal. He endowed his household name for a range of brands such as Dollar, PC Jewellers, LivGuard, Fortune oil, Honda, Tata Motors and so on.

According to Forbes, the Namaste London star has signed his signature trademark to 20 different brands across various categories. One of them, Live Mint has informed the actor's profit from filming ads per day is Rs 1 to Rs 1.5 crore. This is a huge source of Akshay Kumar net worth till date.

Akshay Kumar in a motorbike commercial

But each deal is different, so there is no exact statistic number about his earnings from ads. Another report has shown that Rasna offered him Rs 18 crore for a 3-year deal.

  • Business investment

We got acquainted with the happenings that celebrities put their feet on other fields, especially investing in the undertaking when they master a huge source of capital. It's not except for Akshay Kumar net worth as his total earnings are such a truck loading of cash.

The favorite actor has made out an investment of an unrevealed amount in integrated preventive healthcare platform GOQii when attending this company's series C funding round. At that time, the company purposed to raise about 50-70 million dollars in the final funding round that Akshay together with some others has decided to invest in. GOQii founder and CEO Vishal Gondal took to Twitter.


Based on Akshay's punctual lifestyle, he is also a strategic advisor of the company.

Apart from this, the well-known actor also threw his full package of money in both domestic and overseas real estate. He acquired 4 flats in a deluxe 38-story building located in Lokhandwala, Andheri, which costs Rs 4.5 crore for each of them. But this is just one of his investments in property.

Akshay Kumar also invests in real estates

The biggest achievement on his own is directing 2 houses of production including Hari Om Entertainment and Grazing Goat Pictures. He has been reported to invest a considerable amount in government bonds as well.

How Akshay Kumar spends his net worth

Akshay Kumar houses

One’s wealth can be seen in their properties and assets and Akshay has proved that he deserves being among Top 10 Bollywood Richest Actors. The actor and his wife own a seaside house in Juhu which lavishes an extremely incredible lawn overlooking the Arabian sea and costs an estimated Rs 80 crore. It’s a place to leave peace in mind for the couple as he gushed:


Inside Akshay's house in India
Inside Akshay's house in India
Inside Akshay's house in India

As mentioned above, with this mind-blowing Akshay Kumar net worth, the superstar bankrolled in properties even overseas. He holds a Canadian passport, which gave him a chance to involve a splendid bungalow in Toronto. Moreover, his other lesser-known property comprises a seafront house somewhere in Mauritius.

Outside Akshay Kumar's house in Canada

Akshay Kumar cars and other assets

India Car News showed that the Bollywood legend’s envy-inducing garage encircles a Rolls Royce Phantom of approximated Rs 8.9 crore, a Bentley Continental Flying Spur costing approximately Rs 3.21 crore, a Porsche Cayenne of approximated Rs 1.04 crore and a Range Rover Vogue with a whopping price of Rs 2.75 crore.

These price tags compared to Akshay Kumar's net worth are not a big number.

Porsche Cayenne

Not just that, his treasure assets enclose slick and sexy Harley Davidson V-Rod pricing at Rs 20 lakh, a Honda CR-V costing Rs 22 lakh.

Harley Davidson V-Rod
Honda CR-V

A surprise that the Yamaha V Max superbike of Rs 25 lakh he drove in 2011 hit Desi Boyz was gifted to Akshay by the filmmakers. He also masters a Mercedes Benz G Class worthy pricing at Rs 90 lakh and drives it without a chauffeur.

Yamaha V Max
Mercedes Benz G Class

Besides, he also includes a team in the World Kabaddi League in his expensive assets.

World Kabaddi League

Not stop then, the Khiladi of Bollywood possesses a private jet taking him Rs 260 crore.

Akshay Kumar and wife beside their private jet
Even owing to an enormous chest of assets, Akshay Kumar still completes the role of a good resident as he is the highest taxpayer of Bollywood and devotes his gold heart to charity and supporting other people for a better life.
All in all, it's hard work that pays off. Akshay Kumar net worth and his properties right now are all deserving results of his hardship in the past.
Let's roll up your sleeves and work hard now!

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