Who Owns The Most Expensive House In Bollywood Industry?

Leela Adwani |Feb 23, 2021

The topic about the most expensive houses in Bollywood industry has been the talk of the town. Take a look inside the swanky mansions of B-wood stars.

Many said that as long as we are hell-bent on something, the fruitful result will come one day, but sometimes with a hefty price-tag. Having a fully furnished house in an upscale neighborhood has been the dream of many people. However, not everyone can make this dream come true except for those who are able to make a killing income.

Most Expensive Houses In Bollywood Industry
Who is the owner of the most expensive houses in Bollywood industry?

Yes, besides the millionaires, billionaires who own million-dollar entrepreneurs, our Bollywood stars are also among the most wealthy people in the country. Turns out, the topic about the most expensive houses in the Bollywood industry has been the talk of the town.

Let’s take a look at top 7 most valuable accommodations of Bollywood stars!

7. Hrithik Roshan house - Rs 50 crores

The first name in the list of the most expensive houses in Bollywood industry is none other than action movie hero Hrithik Roshan. Being the top actor in showbiz, it’s understandable when he is able to purchase a house which may cost us an arm and a leg.

Hrithik Roshan House
Hrithik Roshan's apartment in Mumbai

In fact, the actor owns a bungalow named Paras which is situated in Juhu. It’s reportedly worth Rs 50 crores. The house is designed by the celebrity architect Ashiesh Shah and decorated with many customized inputs by the actor.

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Hrithik Roshan House 2
The balcony of Hrithik Roshan's house offers a jaw-dropping view overlooking the sea.

6. Shahid Kapoor's house - Rs 56.6 crores

After the massive success of 2019 superhit Kabir Singh, speculations are rife that Shahid Kapoor is looking for a new house. However, he doesn’t confirm the news.

Shahid Kapoor House
The spacious balcony inside Shahid's house

Currently, he and his little family is living in a swanky penthouse located in Worli Mumbai. According to reports, the apartment is spread over two floors – 42nd and 43rd floors of Three Sixty West. For those who are unversed, the building complex is one of the luxurious residences in the metropolis.

Shahid Kapoor House 2
A view that everyone wants to have in their house

The spacious sea-facing abode of the actor costs him Rs 56.6 crores. The total area of the apartment is reportedly 8,265 sq ft.

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5. John Abraham's house - Rs 60 crores

The dark-toned penthouse Villa In The Sky of John Abraham is also among the costliest but not the most expensive house in Bollywood industry yet. The penthouse is worth around Rs 60 crores and designed by his brother Alan.

John Abraham house
The modern penthouse of John Abraham

The house is located in the high-profile neighborhood Bandra West. The 4000-square-foot apartment is on the 7th and 8th floor of a complex and combined from two apartments into a spacious and modern two-story flat. With its descriptive name of luxury, John Abraham's Villa in the Sky is among the fanciest Bollywood actors' house names.

4. Akshay Kumar's house – Rs 80 crores

Being one of the richest actors in Bollywood, it would not bat an eyelid when the price of Akshay Kumar’s house comes at Rs 80 crores.

Akshay Kumar House
Inside and outside the house of Akshay Kumar

The superstar has a duplex home located in Prime Beach Juhu. Because of the huge love for nature, the lavish residence of the actor and his wife Twinkle Khanna has a small but mesmerizing pond right in the living room.

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3. Shilpa Shetty house – Rs 100 crores

The next and also the only female name owning the most expensive Bollywood houses is Shilpa Shetty who is known to be one of the biggest divas in B-town.

Shilpa Shetty House
Luxury in every corner of the house

Her sea-facing bungalow, Kinara, has a price of whopping Rs 100 crores and it also becomes one of the most expensive houses in the country. Shilpa is already a prominent name in Bollywood with a lucrative income but after marrying the wealthy businessman Raj Kundra, their total income skyrockets.

The house is located in Juhu Beach, Mumbai with a massive space with a lot of function rooms.

2. Amitabh Bachchan house – Rs 100-120 crore

For over three decades, the megastar Big B has greeted thousands of his fans from his house, Jalsa. The house also turns out to be one of the most popular places in the city.

Amitabh Bachchan House
The house is actually a gift, not bought by Amitabh Bachchan.

It would raise a few eyebrows as the actor owns four different properties but he mainly lives in Jalsa. However, he didn’t buy the house as it was a gift from the filmmaker Ramesh Sippy after the success of the film Satte Pe Satta.

The house is where a lot of his family parties are thrown. His son Abhishek Bachchan’s family is also frequently seen in the house for the reunion.

1. Shah Rukh Khan house – Rs 200 crores

Mannat, Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan's house, is the most expensive house in Bollywood industry which is worth around 200 crore of rupees.

SRK Mannat
The super spacious balcony of SRK's house

King Khan’s mansion Mannat is touted as a paradise of luxury. The price of the house goes to Rs 200 crores and the sea-front house is also located in Bandra. Given their net worth as richest producers of Bollywood, SRK and Gauri Khan's house price is totally understandable.

Shah Rukh Khan Magnificent House Mannat
King Khan is the owner of the most expensive house in Bollywood industry.

In fact, Mannat is not only a heritage building but also the favorite tourist spot of millions of SRK across the world. The house is self-decorated by Gauri Khan as the leading furniture architect in India.

Not just the most expensive house in Bollywood industry, Mannat is also one the costliest private homes in the world. For those unversed, Mukesh Ambani's Antilia building is the most expensive house on Earth with the value of $1 billion.

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