Kareena Kapoor Khan Shares About Her Relationship With Step-Daughter Sara Ali Khan

Salena Harshini |Jun 20, 2019

Time after time, Sara Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan have affirmed that they have a great connection with one another. Today, we will take a more thorough look at the times Kareena Kapoor showed us her and Sara's relationship.

Bebo and Sara Ali Khan's relationship

Kareena Kapoor Khan has been step-mother of Sara Ali Khan for quite a long period. Time after time, it is seen that they have shown their great chemistry and adoration.

Kareena Kapoor Khan and Sara Ali Khan

Sara Ali Khan has mentioned her step-mom and their bond for several times and so has Kareena. On attending Koffee with Karan, the 23-year-old actress said, "My mom (Amrita Singh) dressed me for my father's wedding. A lot of people would be of the opinion that Kareena was being weird or mom was being weird. It was very comfortable."

Sara also detailed that everybody was very understanding and the situation was not a problem at all. She continued that she has always had a place in her heart for Kareena. She informed to never call or mention her step-mom as ‘Kareena Aunty’ or Bebo ‘Choti Ma’.


The rationale for this is divulged by Sara that Bebo said to her,

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As they share an amazingly strong bond with one another, now we will have a closer look at the stints when Bebo gave us more information about their relationship.

Her bond with Sara Ali Khan

Kareena shared on Koffee with Karan chat show,

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Sara Ali Khan

About Sara's professional path

While Bebo was promoting her movie Udta Punjab, she referred to her step-daughter as a fearless girl and a perfect blend of mind and look. She believes that,

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Source: Filmfare

Sara is the pub-crawling partner of Bebo

Kareena Kapoor shared in the interview conducted by Filmfare that she enjoyed Sara’s company. She stated, "Sara is my bar hopping partner" and added that she and the young actress feel like besties.

Sara Ali Khan in "Kedarnath"

About Sara's debut in Bollywood

Sara made her first move into Bollywood in Kedarnath drama, playing a role with Sushant Singh Rajput. After that, in Simmba, she went versus Ranveer Singh. Before Sara made her debut, Kareena said to PTI,

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