ETimes Leaked First Pic Of Kareena Kapoor Post Delivery That She Definitely Hates To See

Hanima Anand |Feb 24, 2021

ETimes used to be criticized for invading the privacy of Bollywood stars when they were inside their homes. This time, Kareena Kapoor who just gave birth to her second child became its victim.

A few months ago, ETimes, the online magazine of Times of India, had been criticized for taking personal photos of superstar couple Virushka while they were having breakfast on their balcony. Anushka lost her patience then posted an Instagram story to disapprove of the paparazzi's behavior but the newspaper insisted on keeping the post.

Kareena Kapoor First Photo Post Delivery
The paparazzi didn't let this Bollywood diva relax on her own.

This time, the mother of two Kareena Kapoor is the next victim of an ETimes photographer.

Kareena Kapoor’s relaxing photo post-delivery on ETimes

Kareena Kapoor Photo 1
Set of photos ETimes published on Kareena Kapoor post delivery

The Bollywood actress just returned home from the hospital yesterday afternoon after giving birth to her second child, a baby boy. When she came home, the car carrying Kareena Kapoor was carefully covered so that no journalist could capture her image inside.

However, an ETimes paparazzi managed to take a photo of Kareena relaxing on her balcony. Himanshu Shinde, the photographer, got a glimpse of Kareena lying on her chair without her notice. Bebo then left the balcony and came inside, but people could have a quick look at her post-delivery figure through the leaked photos.

Kareena Kapoor Photo 2
Bebo wore a maternal dress to hide her figure after giving birth.

Clearly, the Bollywood actress was not preparing for these sets of pictures. Nor did she allow it.

She wore a baggy dress and let her hair down. It’s visible that Kareena couldn’t gain back her shape a few days after her delivery. That’s why she might want to avoid journalists when coming home from the hospital.

Kareena Kapoor Photo 3
She didn't know someone was taking photos of her on the balcony.

Kareena Kapoor and Anushka Sharma look opposite in post-delivery photos

When the leaked photo of Kareena Kapoor went viral, netizens started comparing the shapes of two new moms in Bollywood: Bebo and Anushka.

While Anushka looked fresh and fit post delivery, Kareena might need more time to gain back her perfect curves before pregnancy.

However, we must say it’s normal for mothers to look chubby after giving birth. They not only need to consume more to breastfeed the baby but it also takes time to arrange baby-related stuff to come back to the gym.

Kareena Kapoor during pregnancy
Kareena Kapoor before being admitted to the hospital for delivery. Photo: Viral Bhayani.

We believe all mothers are beautiful for what they have sacrificed for their children. Having said that, should you want to get a posh look like Anushka after delivery, you need to see her Yoga poses before giving birth to Vamika.

Anushka Sharma Yoga During Pregnancy
Well, not many people dare to do such a Yoga pose during pregnancy like Anushka though.

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