Top 25 Indian TikTok Stars: Five Of Top TikTok Influencers Who Are Continuing To Take The Lead

Aesha |Oct 15, 2019

TikTok is gradually and steadily becoming one of the top compelling social media platforms. What is more, the app has witnessed the rise of many influential young stars.

Tik Tok is not among the top-notched social media platform like Facebook or Instagram, but it is surely making its own presence on tween and teens. More and more people are using the app and it is the genesis for TikTok stars even in India.

In total, there have been over 500 million users and users in India take over a number of 20 million. TikTok’s fame is arising rapidly and several names have risen as the influencers with their videos being liked by many. Therefore, we would like to introduce to you Top 25 Indian TikTok Stars who have gained a lot of attention until now.

Below here is the compilation of TikTok stars who rank from 1 to 5 in terms of their followers and influence.

#1. Faisal Shaikh - 22.8 Million Followers

Collecting a number of 22.8 million followers on TikTok, Faisal Shaikh as known as mr_faisu_07 stands as number one among the Top 25 Indian TikTok stars.

Faisal Top 25 Indian TikTok Stars

Faisal was born in Mumbai and the 24-year-old man is famous for his skilled lip-syncing in the videos he posted on the platform. At the early stages of his journey on TikTok, Faisal mainly posted comedy footages and now, every type of videos is included in his content.

He is not only famous as part and leader of Team07 but also a fitness icon for the young generation.

Faisal Shaikh now owns 7.9 million Instagram followers and his account also has achieved the blue verification symbol of Instagram. With 1.4 billion likes on TikTok and nearly 8 million adorers on IG, it is no doubt that he is many’s favourites.

For a few months now, TikTok has suspended his account because of several controversies. If it were not for this incident, the star would have gained even more recognition than he does now.

#2. Riyaz Aly - 22 Million Followers

Rank in the second place is Riyaz Aly with 22 million followers. He is also the quickest TikTok user who hit 10 million followers on TikTok.

Riyaz Top 25 Indian TikTok Stars

Famous for his humour, smooth lip-sync and dancing skill, he is now one of the verified crowned users.

Riyaz Aly’s nationality is Indian but he lives in Bhutan instead. Riyaz’s hairstyle is also very famous among his followers.

He is in collaboration with Aashika and Faisu to make videos and lately, Riyaz has garnered 825.9 million hearts along with 22 million adorers on Tiktok.

#3. Jannat Zubair - 19.7 Million Followers

Jannat Top 25 Indian TikTok Stars

Possessing the third position is Jannat Zubair who has 19.7 million TikTok followers. She is an Indian television and film actress. Starting her career back in 2009, she only gained recognition after partaking in Phulwa that was released in 2011.

The 17-year-old TikTok star collects 19.7 million followers on the app along with 440.1 million likes and 8.5 million Instagram followers. She is famous for her dancing footage on TikTok.

Jannat Zubair once portrayed Natasha in Hicki. She also bagged the Best Youngest Actress award in Mumbai Achiever Awards.

#4. Awez Darbar - 17.9 Million Followers

Darabr Top 25 Indian TikTok Stars

Awez Darbar is Ace Production’s Founder and Director. He is also a dancer and choreographer as well as a representative of India TikTok who joined the 17.9 million follower club on the platform. The multi-talented guy collects 618.1 Million hearts for his videos and 3.2 Million Instagram followers.

Awez is not only acknowledged as a dance badge of TikTok but also owns a combination of lip-syncing and comedy videos.

While Awez Darbar has his own YouTube channel called Awez Darbar, he has had 1.6 million subscribers up until the moment.

#5. Nisha Guragain - 17.6 Million Followers


The last person of the prestigious 5 in the Top 25 Indian TikTok stars is Nisha Guragain who has 17.6 million followers on the platform. She is known for her to lip-sync footages to popular topics. She is surely the rising star on TikTok as she has gained 412.6 million hearts now and the likes are still going uprise.

The promising star is known as Angel Nishu, which is the nickname called by many of her followers.

These TikTok representatives though do not have as much popularity as Bollywood stars, obviously, but it is undeniable that they have a big influence on the Indian youngsters.


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