Jasmin Bhasin Sides With Nikki Tamboli, Aly Goni Stops His Friendship With Her In The Show

Leela Adwani |Dec 17, 2020

In the latest episode, Aly told his girlfriend Jasmin that they can’t be friends in this show.

Any new update happing in the Bigg Boss house has always been the talk of the town. Earlier, the finalist Jasmin Bhasin broke the Internet with her love confession for her housemate Aly Goni. One such shocking thing recently happened again between the newly confirmed couple.

Aly Goni Jasmin Bhasin
Aly and Jasmin get romantic after the latter's confession

In the latest episode, Aly told his girlfriend Jasmin that they can’t be friends in this show. Needless to say, his statement immediately shocked everyone including other contestants and especially the audiences.

It all started when Aly was quite disappointed seeing that Jasmin showed her support for Nikki Tamboli. The former also agreed that Jasmin is a good game player in the house and advised her to keep playing it. However, what he doesn’t like is her game and that’s why he thinks they can’t remain this friendship in the show. Yes, in the show only as their relationship will not be affected once they’re out.

Aly Goni Jasmin Bhasin 2
They are two of the most loved contestants in the show

Jasmin, of course, was completely perplexed after hearing that. She then kept asking Aly about the reason why he said that.

Aly clarified his point that he doesn’t like the way she is supporting Nikki who, according to him, has never been good to Jasmin in the house.

Aly Goni Jasmin Bhasin Nikki Tamboli
The conflict happens because Aly doesn't want Jasmin to support Nikki

On the other hand, the BB contestant Bhasin also has an explanation for her action. She said she just wanted to make clear the misunderstanding. The beauty affirmed that she doesn’t side with anyone as Aly said.

Aly still kept his opinion and warned her not to be involved in the game of other people. He also wanted her to know whom she could play with.

Their discussion was soon heated up and their housemate Rahul Vaidya had to calm them down.

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