Rubina Stops Talking To Rakhi After She Pulls The String Of Abhinav Shorts

Hanima Anand |Jan 30, 2021

Rakhi Sawant’s action towards Abhinav seems to have crossed its limits. After warning Rakhi in the latest BB14 episode, will Rubina end her friendship with this scandalous woman?

Rakhi Sawant is no stranger to crazy behaviours. Since she entered Bigg Boss 14, this actress is always considered the most entertaining person in the house for her inexplicable actions. From begging her husband to turn up in the show to admitting her feelings towards Abhinav, Rakhi never lets peple predict what she would do next.

Rakhi Sawant Vs Rubina And Abhinav
Rakhi Sawant won't let Rubina and Abhinav take a rest.

Rakhi Sawant pulls the string of Abhinav’s shorts

In previous episodes, Rakhi Sawant asked Bigg Boss what if she stole husband of Rubina Dilaik as she found Abhinav extremely attractive. Though both Abhinav and Rubina expressed their sympathy towards Rakhi later who always longed for a true husband in her life, it seemed Rakhi really wanted to steal Abhinav out of Rubina.

This is even more dramatic when Rubina Dilaik and Abhinav Shukla used to have the intention of divorce before joining Bigg Boss.

In the latest BB14 episode, Rakhi once again explicity shows her craziness by invading Abhinav Shukla’s personal space. To be specific, she is seen pulling the strings of Abhinav’s shorts while the male contestant is clearly shocked.

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Rakhi Sawant Rubina Dilaik Abhinav Shukla
Rubina is shocked and clearly concerned when Rakhi pulls the strings.

Seeing that bold action, Rubina immediately warns Rakhi to know her limits.

"Rakhi, apni haddein cross mat kijiye" (Rakhi, don’t cross your limits.)

However, Rakhi doesn’t mind what Rubina tells her. She continues to approach Abhinav when he is lying on the sofa. After irritating him and Abhinav leaves, Rakhi lies down on the exact sofa and says “Sofa tumne ekdum garam kar diya.”

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Rubina Dilaik and Rakhi Sawant’s fight of words

Not stopping her approach, Rakhi then claims Abhinav as her forth lover, saying she will have a pigeon send her love letter to Rubina’s husband.

At this point, Rubina straightly warns Rakhi:

“If you don’t respect my husband, I will be the first one to face you.”

When Rakhi responds that Abhinav is Rubina’s husband at home but he is their co-contestant in the show, Rubina screams loudly:

“Inhein apni hadd nahin pata hai"

Rakhi continues to challenge Rubina:

"Tum kya bataoge meri hadd. You cannot stop me baby. I am in love with Abhinav. The ones who are getting jealous, can burn in jealousy."

At the end of the argument, Rakhi affirms she will keep teasing Abhinav though Rubina insists teasing and unmannerliness is much different.

Abhinav Shukla Rubina Dilaik Rakhi Sawant
Before the incident, the trio were in good friendship.

Bigg Boss 14 in next episode

With Rubina’s character, there is high chance she will stop talking to the controversial Rakhi. Especially after Rakhi tore Abhinav’s underwear, both Rubina Dilaik and her husband has distanced themselves from this crazy woman since then.

Besides the complicated relationship between Rubina-Abhinav couple and Rakhi Sawant, the latest Bigg Boss 14 promo video also hints a drama of Aly-Rahul-Arshi friendship.

Aly accuses Arshi of talking ill behind his back, using him and Rahul to win the tasks only. Rahul then agrees with Aly. Desperate in defending herself, Arshi breaks down into tears.

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