U.S. Police Begs Criminals To Stop Working "Until Further Notice" Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Salena Harshini |Mar 17, 2020

"We are asking all criminal activities/nefarious behavior to cease until further notice. Thank you criminals in advance," said Salt Lake City Police Department.

Several police departments in Utah, a southern of the United States, are demanding the criminals to stop their unrighteous behavior amidst the rapidly increasing number of coronavirus (COVID-19) cases in the nation. However, their announcement is gaining much attraction.

RT News commented that it is hard to describe how serious the American government is towards coronavirus as while politicians are urging people to self-quarantine at home, state officials are making this coronavirus a meme.

In detail, the Salt Lake City Police Department (SLCPD) of Utah has taken an announcement on Twitter requesting criminals to stop their acts, under which is tagged with a GIF saying “Stop It!”

As of now, on the morning of March 17, the tweet has collected more than 16 thousand like along with nearly 6 thousand retweets and a lot of hilarious replies.

Here are some of the most hysterical replies from Twitterati:

Salt Lake

Salt Lake 2

Salt L

Salt Lake 1


Police departments in Heber and Orem city of Utah state also shared funny posts on their Twitter accounts.

In general, their posts said,

"Due to recent developments and health concerns related to the COVID-19 epidemic, the Orem police department wants to announce that the city of Orem is closed to criminals in the next two weeks.

Please do not commit any crime of vehicle theft, theft, beating husband/wife spouse or even thinking about parking on the road for more than 72 consecutive hours."

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Utah Police
Policemen in Utah, United States (source: Reuters)

Meanwhile, police departments of Wisconsin and Ohio states also asked lawbreakers to stop any behavior and stay at home to prevent spreading the coronavirus disease.

Don’t worry criminals, they say they will let you know when you are able to come back with your normal criminal acts!

In all seriousness, Salt Lake City’s Mayor has made some steps to make sure the city is safe. She has publicized the State of Emergency in order to guarantee  Salt Lake has access to federal and state funds as well as restricted mass gatherings to kindle social distancing.

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