Stay Calm! Covid-19 Vaccine Is Still Effective Against Mutant Strain In Europe

Hanima Anand |Dec 22, 2020

Experts are asking the public to keep calm and wait for official information. The fast-spreading strain of coronavirus in the UK is not a big issue with the current vaccine.

In recent days, netizens worldwide are sharing information about a new mutant strain of Covid-19 which could counter all human efforts in producing timely vaccines. In fact, some countries have launched their mass injection program but whether the vaccine could protect their residents against the new mutant Covid-19 remains a question. Check the responses from EU experts below!

Coronavirus In London
The new strain of Covid-19 projects a gloomy Christmas season for the UK.

New strain of Covid-19 spreading to six countries

Most people know that the mutant Covid-19 first appeared in the UK, but it is actually present in different nations across the globe as well.

Till now, five countries outside Great Britain have reported cases of mutant Covid, including Denmark, Australia, the Netherlands, Belgium and Italy. UK citizens who flew from their homeland to these nations might carry the new strain with them. However, there’s no research to prove that yet.

Coronavirus Spreading Illustration
The new strain might have spread across Europe at least for now.

Currently, people who travel from the UK to Rome, Italy will have to stay in isolation for several days even though they might not test positive.

Other countries in Europe, like France, said it was entirely possible that the new strain had been circulating in these places. It’s just a matter of time before they tested it out.

According to UK reports, the mutant Covid-19 spread predominantly in London and South-East England. Scotland and Wales have just recorded several cases in recent weeks. PM Boris Johnson also shared that the new strain was 70% more contagious than the normal type of coronavirus.

Covid-19 vaccine still effective till now

Many EU experts including the Health Minister of Germany, Mr. Jens Spahn, said that the new strain had no impact on the vaccines available. That means the Covid-19 vaccine remains effective even with the mutant virus.

He also informed that an expert meeting would be held in Berlin on Sunday to discuss this problem.

Covid 19 Vaccine Injection In Uk
The UK just launched its vaccination program some days ago.

Similarly, the French government also calmed down the public by saying that the genetic variant didn’t seem to entail a heightened seriousness or a resistance to the Covid-19 vaccine, as far as they knew.

Having said that, many countries in Europe have banned air travel from the UK to curb the spread of the mutant coronavirus.

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