Touching Moments Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak - Stay Strong Wuhan!

Ankita Chetana |Feb 04, 2020

While the coronavirus outbreak has made people stay in fear, some emotional stories of people in Wuhan can pull us back with sympathies and tears. Have some of them below!

“Stay away from China”, that’s what we can hear multiple times these days when coronavirus outbreak has turned people in despair and distance from Chinese people. We all are living in fears and worries when this 2019-nCoV can infect from person to person and cause death. However, not only us but Chinese people in general and citizens of Wuhan in particular also experience the same heavy heart.

Anyone who comes from Wuhan is tested carefully for coronavirus

The world has been roaring to the dangerous virus (2019-nCoV) but it doesn’t mean that we can abandon Chinese people. What we can do now is to unite and share with each other besides protecting ourselves, not neglecting any individual or blaming them for an unfortunate infection. The race fighting against the coronavirus is still long, and they – people in Wuhan – still need our sympathies and sharing.

Amongst the provinces in China, Hubei is the one which originated the 2019-nCoV and up to now, the majority of the areas of this province have been segregated. Especially, people from Wuhan have been hounded like criminals over the world. Whether they get infectious with coronavirus or not, they have been put the cold-blooded eyes on. In case more people would be discriminated, we will share some heart-wrenching stories of people in Wuhan, which show the other side of the negative crises of coronavirus.

These pictures have been taken throughout China but most of them are from Wuhan. Let’s come through one by one story to feel how they drop their hearts these days.

1. Mommy's promise to be home

A mother apologized to her daughter for not being at home on Chinese New Year

Wuhan has been isolated as an island of the fatal pandemic and the origin of the coronavirus outbreak. Since then, several people of this city cannot return home to welcome Lunar New Year – the most important festival of Chinese people.

This picture reflects one of the most inspiring moments when a mother from the army gave an apology to her daughter for staying far away from her on the Chinese New Year (CNY). It’s also a promise, her promise to be safe at home.

2. Never too old to help

Zhong Nanshan (84 yr) comes to Wuhan to help this area despite the high risk of infection

The second picture is to honor an old man’s bravery. In 2003, 84-year-old Zhong Nanshan was the one to lead the field in discovering and fighting against SARS. He was honored as a renowned epidemiologist in the world. At present, he has had a word in everyone’s ear to fiddle around Wuhan, on the other hand, he himself reaches this city to combat the virus.

3. Mask imprints on medical officer's face

Medical officer lady chooses to stay back in Wuhan instead of coming home to keep safe for other people

When it comes to a pandemic, people often say about sacrifice and it’s not an except for the 2019-nCoV. Unfortunately, coronavirus arrived Wuhan on the occasion of Chinese New Year and the lady in this photo is a medical officer of the army in Wuhan. She was coming home to spend CNY with her daughter, nonetheless, she was said to be kept in Wuhan. She might have been thoughtful to decide to stay back at Wuhan while her daughter was waiting for her at home. How hurtful it is when she accepted sacrificing to support minimizing coronavirus outbreak.

Her face got imprinted from the masks and protective gear for such a long time.

4. The hardest goodbye

A man says goodbye to his beloved before entering the areas of coronavirus

What we are looking at here is a touching moment of separation when the man decided to join the supporting team of 6,000 medical staff fighting against the virus. He had to say goodbye to his girlfriend while risking his own life to help the epidemic places.

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5. When beauty lies in one's heart

A female nurse shaved her head for not spreading the virus in the hospital

Beauty covers this pic when the nurse showed her courage by shaving her head to reduce the danger of her hair spreading virus particles over the hospital.

6. The hand of a life savior

Hand of a nurse after wearing gloves for a long time when taking care of nCoV patients

We are avoiding the people from Wuhan, but they themselves are always selfless and think for us. This is evidence of it when a male nurse packed his hands in the glove for a long period while working hour after hour.

7. A few-minute nap of heroes

A short break of Chinese doctors and nurses after their constant work

In the midst of coronavirus outbreak, we cannot miss the pictures of our heroes – doctors and nurses. They have been always on duty in the battle with the virus 24/24 and just have a short break to recover and get back to work. It’s a monumental moment we will recall later.

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8. Silent tears of sympathy

A doctor cries for his colleague who got infected with coronavirus and gets back to work immediately

Here is a doctor who discovered his colleague was infected with coronavirus during the work. Shedding tears just for a moment, he immediately resumed his responsibilities to take care of other patients.

9. Always look on the bright side!

A patient gives thumps up to encourage the doctors and nurses caring for him

And the last one will melt your heart out as a patient gave a pat on the back to doctors and nurses looking after him. His life is endangered, otherwise, he doesn’t forget the efforts of people who have spent time and attempts saving him.

Updates of coronavirus in India and the world

Up to now, there have been two positive cases of coronavirus found in Kerala, India. The first person is a female student returning home from Wuhan, meanwhile, the second one is who traveled to this city. Both people are being isolated in medical facilities.

According to reports on Feb 4th, there have been over 20,625 cases indicated to be positive with coronavirus all over the world and 425 of them were dead due to this dangerous virus. Mostly the dead people are in Chinese mainland. One infected Chinese person died in the Phillippines while another case from Hong Kong was also found dead yesterday.

In the last words, we are giving these pictures just to save our long-distance to people from Wuhan. Fears have been also surrounding them but they dare to sacrifice and share, so why don’t we give a hand to them? Instead of neglecting them, it's better to send some cheering and encouraging words to coronavirus victims, isn't it?

Stay tuned with STARBIZ to get more updates of this coronavirus and the touching stories around it.

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