PUBG Ban In India: 21-Year-Old Gamer Committed Suicide For Not Being Able To Play The Game

Hanima Anand |Sep 07, 2020

The young man hung himself in the ceiling on Friday, allegedly for not being able to play PUBG at night as the government has banned the game in India.

The news came as a shock to all parents and even gamers after the PUBG ban in India last week. We are all aware of the addiction to PUBG among Indian teenagers as well as its negative influences on our future leaders, but no one could ever imagine a 21-year-old man would die for the game in this situation.

On September 2, the government gave its official announcement on the PUBG ban in India, facing mixed reactions from the public. To Indian parents, this is such a relief for what PUBG has affected their children but to gamers, this came as a death spell who relies totally on the game for entertainment these days.

Pubg Banned In India
The Indian government announced a death penalty to this game after several attempts in the past.

Back to the main reports, a man in Purba Lalpur, Nadia district in West Bengal state decided to kill himself on Friday for not being able to play PUBG, according to his parents and cops.

Pritam Halder, a student of Industrial Training Institutes often played PUBG late at night but he couldn’t join the game because of the government ban on the Chinese apps. The man became apparently frustrated after the ban.

On Friday, he still had breakfast as usual before locking himself in the room. At lunchtime, his mother came to call him but no one answered. Despite repeated bangings at the door, the 21-year-old student did not respond to his mother. Realizing the danger, Pritam’s mother rushed to ask their neighbors to break the door.

Pubg Ban In India Man Commit Suicide
Not just teenagers, many Indian adults are addicted to PUBG, leading to unwanted consequences.

When they broke into his room, they found him hanging from the ceiling fan. The heart-broken mother told police that her son probably committed suicide because he couldn’t play PUBG. The authorities talked to other members of the family and agreed with the allegations.

There are up to 33 million active PUBG players in India and the number may increase without the ban last week. Besides harsh reactions from some gamers, others are trying different ways to get access to the game.

Faug Game

Meanwhile, other Indian start-ups are promoting their PUBG-similar products with the aim of filling the void of the Chinese app. The most outstanding candidate to this time is FAU-G game from nCore Games, which are backed by the famous Indian entrepreneur Vishal Gondal.

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