Dog Jumped Off 4th Floor After Seeing Owner Dead, Can Dogs Commit Suicide?

Hanima Anand |Jul 08, 2020

The dog refused to eat since her owner was admitted to the hospital. After the body was brought home from the hospital, the dog went upstairs and jumped off the 4th floor window.

The touching story took place in the Kanpur city of Uttar Pradesh, India. The dog named Jaya was adopted 12 years ago. Last Wednesday, after seeing her master dead, the dog jumped off 4th floor to end her life.

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Dogs share an inexplicable bond with their human owners.

According to reports, Jaya’s owner is Dr. Anita Raj Singh who was diagnosed with some kind of kidney disease. When adopting Jaya, she was weak and suffering from maggots. 12 years passed by, Dr. Anita Singh and the dog Jaya have developed an incredible attachment, even stronger than family members.

Dr. Anita Singh was hospitalized last Wednesday since when Jaya refused to eat his food. When the woman died, her body was brought home from the hospital. Jaya saw it, started barking and wailing.

The dog then silently went upstairs and jumped off from the 4th floor window.

Tejas, the son of Dr. Anita Raj, said that his family rushed the dog to a nearby vet hospital but she was already dead. They buried Jaya near the house after the cremation of Dr. Anita.

“As soon as my mother’s body arrived from the hospital, Jaya started barking and wailing. She went upstairs and jumped of the fourth floor. “

Dog Jumped Off 4th Floor
Dr. Anita Raj Singh and her loyal dog, Jaya.

The saddening story quickly went viral on the Internet, with many people worrying about the dogs of Sushant Singh Rajput. Fans are requiring information on the care-taker of Fudge and four other dogs of Sushant when his family is in Patna.

Meanwhile, some other comments come to enlighten people that animals don’t commit suicide as we may think. They just have emotions and they may not be aware of their actions.

Do dogs commit suicide?

For your reference, we cite here the opinions of psychologists on the controversy of whether dogs commit suicide as many people believe.

It’s not the first time dogs are seen ending their life in a similar way to humans, due to the loneliness or the loss of their owners. However, no one is sure that’s their intention or just accidental consequences of their temporary conditions.

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There's a bridge in Scotland called 'the Dog Suicide Bridge.'

Modern scientists explain that to know dogs can commit suicide or not, we have to answer whether it understand the concept of life and death. Experiments have been conducted but no evidence is found that a dog can perceive the concept of death or life.

That’s why experts tend to believe the depression leads a dog to the disconnection from his surroundings, which might result in his death.

There’s another interesting fact of the Overtoun Bridge in Scotland where an average of 5 animals jump off water and die every 6 months. It’s even called ‘the Dog suicide bridge.’

However, researchers found that it’s the structure of the bridge combined with the scent of wild animals around this area that make canines to jump over the wall to chase the smell. They finally conclude that dogs jumping off the bridge is not suicide but rather a sign of a life-loving animal that is responding to its instinct.

Anyway, emotions in dogs and animals do exist. They can feel depressed when being lonely just like human beings. So, please treat your pets well and make sure they never feel abandoned.

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