PUBG Recruiting Manager In India, Is It A Sign Of An Early Ban Removal?

Hanima Anand |Oct 26, 2020

PUBG fans are excited seeing the corporation posted a job ad on LinkedIn which seeks for an associate-level manager in Indian market. See what people are discussing!

A few days ago, the PUBG Corporation suddenly listed a new job ad on LinkedIn. What made Indian fans crazy about this vacancy is that it seeks for an associate-level manager for the Indian market while the game has been banned by the government, along with a list of other Chinese apps. The job description also implies the arrival of a brand new office for PUBG in India. The vacancy requires someone who takes care of all office tasks in New Delhi.

Pubg Unban In India 1
The fate of PUBG in India remains a mystery.

Netizens rumor that the PUBG unban in India will soon be announced, and that’s why the company is looking for an Indian-based manager. However, let’s see whether this claim is feasible or not.

First, a single job ad couldn’t indicate any strategic movement in the brand development plan from PUBG Corporation. Nor does it hint about an early removal of the ban, especially when the tension in the India-China relationship hasn’t shown signs of decrease yet.

Pubg Unban In India 2
The job vacancy posted by PUBG Corporation on LinkedIn.

Second, you should be noted that the ban of PUBG along with a list of Chinese apps belongs to a campaign called ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The Indian PM won’t let PUBG go easily when India isn’t able to cut its economic and technological dependence on China.

What’s more, with the encouragement from PM Modi, Indian tech enterprises are on the race for an Indian version of PUBG-like games to fill in the void left by this Chinese app. Among all potential games, FAUG by nCore stands a high chance of dominating the market once it’s released.

FAU-G is developed by nCore and consulted by Vishal Gondal, a leading tech investor in India. It also sticks to PM Modi’s guidelines on integrating patriotic factors into the game. To be specific, FAUG players will enjoy their battles as true Indian soldiers against the Galwan valley backdrop.

Faug Game To Replace Pubg
FAUG delays its release date to November.

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Meanwhile, there’s no clue for a possible PUBG unban in India. No Indian companies tend to buy this app from Tencent while Mukesh Ambani aims to sign a contract with TikTok to relive this video-sharing platform in India.

While waiting for any update on PUBG unban in India or the premier of FAU-G, you can refer to these similar games in Google Play Store or App Store. They include ScarFall: The Royal Combat, Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival, Battefield Royale – The One and Cover Fire: Online Shooter Game.

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