FAUG: Everything About Vishal Gondal, The Indian Investor & Advisor Behind The Patriotic Game

Salena Harshini |Sep 05, 2020

Vishal Gondal is the developer and one of the co-founders of FAU-G, the game touted as the rival and substitute of PUBG. As the new game is trending, take a look to know about its creator here.

FAU-G, the new game to replace PUBG in India, is trending these days and its developer and co-founder Vishal Gondal is also among the most sought-after characters as of now. So who is he and what work has he brought to the community? Check it all out here.

Everything about the father of the new game FAU-G is unveiled here

Vishal Gondal games

Vishal Gondal is a veteran Indian entrepreneur and investor who is most known for his stint Indian Games. He is the CEO and founder of GOQii Inc, - the start-up that has become viral for the Fitness related apps and devices.

Here are the games he has founded and publishes in his career:


FAU-G is the abbreviation for Fearless and United-Guards and the recently released game is making headlines everywhere.

The homegrown competitor was unveiled two days after PUBG Mobile was announced to be blocked in India by the government. Apart from this widly famous multiplayer shooting game, other 100 Chinese apps were also blocked.

Vishal-Gondal 1
FAU-G is the newest brainchild of Gondal

Although it is considered as the Indian replacement for  PUBG Mobile, Vishal Gondal said that his game won’t compete with PUBG. The gaming bigwig also added that his new game had always been in the pipeline and they were heading to a release in October. The PUBG Mobile ban was coincidental.

He also revealed that the team has been avidly working on it since May and June 2020.

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In 1999, the entrepreneur founded his second yet biggest venture – Indiagames along with a five-member team including those who were engaged in developing and publishing games across many platforms such as PC, Internet, mobile phones, broadband, consoles and handheld gaming devices.

In brief, Indiagames was the company that developed games for wireless, online, and console game platforms. They have worked with may top handset manufacturers, game publishers, mobile operators, and even Hollywood studios for that matter. For those who haven’t known, they had partnered with Marvel and Activision to create and publish a game based on Spider-Man.

Vishal-Gondal 2
He also founded the biggest Indian game company

In 2011, this Vishal Gondal games company was bought by Disney for about $100 million. At the time of this acquisition, Indiagames was earning $400,000 of profit on the revenies of $11 million.

He also worked on other projects apart from games.

Sweat And Blood Venture Group

When Indiagames was at its peak, Gondal decided to step foot into an entirely different genre. In 2007, he started to work on a capitalist firm that focuses on helping build the base of start-ups.

He believed that there are many potential start-ups out of bog cities like Bangalore and Mumbai. However, due to the massive gap in investing in start-ups back then, clearly, no one would want to assist start-ups except for a few such as Erasmic Venture Fund & Seedfund. But because these managers were seemingly growing bigger in size, the gap would increase.

Vishal-Gondal 3
(credit: The Economic Times)

Therefore, Vishal Gondal aspired to create something that would fill up this gap in the ecosystem of start-up where companies would also do more handholding.

In August 2012, The Walt Disney Company India Pvt. Ltd. had its digital holdings restructured under the new division called DisneyUTV Digital nad Vishal Gondal was its managing director.

In March 2014, he launched his fitness technology company, GOQii which is based in Menlo Park, California.

Vishal Gondal net worth

With an immense work in the gaming and entrepreneur field, Gondal has certainly earned himself a considerable amount of property.

Vishal-Gondal 4
His net worth is estimated to count to million-dollar

To answer the question about Vishal Gondal net worth, it is estimated to be around $5 million in 2020. His main income source comes from his profession as an entrepreneur.

That means Vishal Gonda's net worth in rupees is more than Rs. 36 crore. This figure is expected to skyrocket if FAU-G game is able to fill the void of PUBG in India.

Vishal Gondal biography

Born on 14 July 1976, Vishal Gondal is now 44 years old. He was born and raised in Mumbai, India and he is now living in Menlo Park, California.

In the early days of his life, he was a Volleyball player of the national level for Maharashtra state. He also won rank in the National Computer Problem Solving Contest in ‘C’ programming.

Vishal-Gondal 5
Gondal and Akshay Kumar as they are collaborating to promote games

He has achieved quite a lot of achievements and awards during his career. Some of the most prominent ones are:

In 2005, Gondal was listed among the top 50 executives of mobile content space by Mobile Entertainment magazine. Also that year, Indiagames was named in the Top 100 companies of Asia by Red Herring.

In 2012, Gondal was included in the top 25 powerful people in the digital business of India.

In 2019, he received the Entrepreneur of the Year Award by Entrepreneur Magazine.

Vishal Gondal family

Many may wonder about his family, but it seems that the information about his parents or siblings is quite discreet.

Vishal-Gondal 6
The entrepreneur and his family

Meanwhile, Vishal Gondal wife named Harpeet who also worked for Indiagames. The two Vishal Gondal sons names are Aryan and Veer. Their ages are not publicized though.

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