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Hanima Anand |Sep 05, 2020

The latest announcement of FAUG Game from Akshay Kumar just broke the Internet when everyone is waiting for a PUBG alternative. Read all information about this game here!

Just after 2 days of PUBG ban in India, the Indian game players have been introduced to a brand new gaming title from nCore Games developers, FAUG game (Fearless and United Guards). The game is the latest project from the talented Indian entrepreneur Vishal Gondal. Below is all information we got about FAUG game release date, how to download and official trailer videos.

Faug Game backdrop
First-level players will battle on Galwan Valley backdrop

FAUG Game Release Date

FAUG Game was first set to be released at the end of October then November 2020 as stated by Vishal Gondal but nCore has just announced it is released in January 26, 2021 though it's just for pre-registration.

According to Vishal Gondal, FAUG game was developed in response to the Atmanirbhar App campaign from PM Narendra Modi, and the announcement of this nCore game after PUBG ban is a sheer coincidence. Atmanirbhah campaign is the call for indigenous enterprise establishment in the country, with a view to minimizing the dependence on foreign suppliers including China given the escalating tension in border issues.

Faug Game Ncore
FAUG Game teaser photo promises thrilling experiences for Indian players.

Saying further about Fauji Game development, Vishal Gondal revealed that this nCore game title was actually in the works for several months already, after the Galwan Valley incident in June that took lives of 20 Indian soldiers.

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Yesterday, the Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar posted to his Instagram about the new game title, instantly creating a storm on this social networking site. The actor informed that FAUG game players will learn about the sacrifices of Indian soldiers throughout the battles. More interestingly, the nCore also committed that 20% of their net revenue from Fauji game will be donated to BharatKeVeer Trust of India to help paramilitary forces.

Faug Game Release Date
The announcement post got huge attention from netizens.

FAUG Game Video

Although FAUG Game was just introduced yesterday, the search for Fauji game video has surged for months.

Though there hasn’t been much detailed information about the format you can find illustration for FAUG Game video below. Also, we know that FAUG game is designed based on the real scenarios of Indian Security Forces while dealing with both domestic and overseas military threats.

At its launch, the first-level setting will be the Galwan Valley backdrop to remind Indian players of the incident that claimed lives of our 20 soldiers in June.

FAUG Game Download

FAUG Game download will be available on the Apple App Store for iOS and Google Play Store for Androids at the end of October, 2020.

The game is published and distributed by nCore Games, the leading Indian game publisher. CEO of nCore games Dayanidhi MG assures that FAUG game players will benefit from the experienced nCore developer team who thoroughly understand Indian users.

Faug Game Download
Within hours, Pubg vs Fauji Game download memes flooded the Internet.

Other core members in nCore Games board of managers include Mr. Vishal Gondal (Advisor/ Investor), Ganesh Hande (Chief Operating Officer), Thara Jacob (Chief Technology Officer), Arindam Mitra (Associate Director) and Manohar Reddy (Product Lead).

Starbiz.com will update more information about FAUG Game release date, video & download if have.

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