Watch This Hilarious PUBG In Real Life Indian Version While Waiting For Its Comeback!

Hanima Anand |Dec 29, 2020

It’s been months since India banned PUBG together with a number of Chinese apps. As almost all players are missing the game, these Indians have created their own PUBG battles in their garden.

Since PUBG ban in India in September, gamers in the country desperately need an alternative for the royal battle game but it’s not easy to find yet. Recently, when there are reports that PUBG is recruiting managers in India, fans are excited longing for an early removal of the ban.

However, there are no tangible signs for a PUBG comeback, let alone the emergence of some Indian-made games as FAUG, which is unfavorable for a re-launch of the Chinese app.

Pubg In Real Life Indian Version Photo
Many YouTubers in the country have recreated the game.

PUBG in real life - Indian version by Smilo

Given all factors, PUBG might need a very long time to come back to this market while gamers will have to endure this situation for months ahead. But these Indian guys can’t sit still.

Smilo, a trio of PUBG fans, decided to recreate their iconic game movements for fun. Their own game takes place in the garden with toy guns, ammunition and props. The Smilo PUBG in real life video also has sound effects as well as background score as in the game.

Watching the video, even a beginner to PUBG can realize the familiar scene of the battle with hilarious movements recreated.

The video is being shared widely across social media and gains thousands of likes till now.

Pubg Mobile Game
Probably we are all waiting for a female version of PUBG in real life.

Other popular PUBG in real life videos from Indians

In fact, Smilo is not the first one to come up with this idea. Even before PUBG was banned in the country, a number of Indian Youtubers or gamers had recreated scenes in the game.

In 2018, Shubi Creations, a popular Youtube channel, made a video of PUBG in real life where the author and his friends are featured in the game instead of the characters. His video also displays all index and instructions just as a game screen. This clip gained over 1.7 million views already.

Another famous PUBG in real life Indian version video comes from Desi Fukrey account. It has more than 9.2 million views though it’s just uploaded 10 months ago.

Besides recreating every sound effect and common scenes in PUBG, this video also attracts viewers for its funny content. Take a look!

Among the three clips of PUBG in real-life Indian version, which one are you most impressed with? Vote it below!

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