Top 100 Most Searched Questions On Google In 2020

Hanima Anand |Feb 22, 2021

You might be taken aback by many naïve questions in this most searched list. For example, ‘How to boil eggs’ ranks 74th in 100 most googled questions in 2020.

The year 2020 ended but its long-lasting impacts from the pandemic are still clearly seen all over the world. In such a dramatic year, a lot of questions first time appeared in the most searched list by Google, such as what is coronavirus, along with an increase in searches for home-made recipes during the lockdown.

See what people looked for with this list of 100 most searched questions on Google 2020 and top 10 keywords dominating this search engine last year!

Most searched questions on Google in 2020

Most Searched Questions On Google 2020
Boiled dishes seem simple but many need Google help for these recipes!
  1. how to vote India
  2. what to watch
  3. what is my IP
  4. what time is it
  5. how to screenshot on mac
  6. how many ounces in a cup
  7. how to delete Instagram account
  8. where am I
  9. how many weeks in a year
  10. when is fathers day
  11. how to
  12. what song is this
  13. when is mothers day
  14. where is my train
  15. how many ounces in a gallon
  16. what is
  17. how many ounces in a pound
  18. how to tie a tie
  19. how many liters in a gallon
  20. when is easter 2020
  21. what films are playing
  22. when is easter
  23. how are you
  24. how many grams in an ounce
  25. how to draw
  26. how many countries in the world
  27. who called me
  28. how to solve a Rubik's cube
  29. how to lose weight
  30. how to lose weight fast
  31. what time is it in California
  32. how to delete Facebook account
  33. how to make hand sanitizer
  34. how many cups in a quart
  35. when is the next full moon
  36. when is Thanksgiving
  37. how to backup iPhone
  38. how many tablespoons in a cup
  39. how to deactivate Facebook
  40. how many people are in the world
  41. is today a holiday
  42. how many quarts in a gallon
  43. what is the 2020 census census
  44. how long to boil eggs
  45. when is Black Friday
  46. how to take a screenshot on a mac
  47. how to make French toast
  48. why is the sky blue
  49. how many days until Christmas
  50. how do I use google translate offline
  51. what does SMH mean
  52. what is the weather today
  53. how many teaspoons in a tablespoon
  54. what is today
  55. how many grams in a pound
  56. how to make pancakes
  57. how to make slime
  58. how many days till Christmas
  59. how to pronounce
  60. how many feet in a mile
  61. what day is it today
  62. when is the super bowl
  63. what is coronavirus
  64. how many cups in a gallon
  65. how to take a screenshot
  66. how many oz in a cup
  67. how to make
  68. what time is the super bowl
  69. how many oz in a gallon
  70. how many days in a year
  71. what is the time
  72. what is Tik Tok
  73. how many
  74. how to boil eggs
  75. what time is it in Australia
  76. how old is Donald Trump
  77. how much
  78. what is keto diet
  79. how to lose belly fat
  80. what is the meaning of
  81. what does
  82. what is the
  83. what time is it in London
  84. how to delete Gmail account
  85. when does the time change
  86. how many states in India
  87. how to draw a rose
  88. how to make money online
  89. what is your name
  90. what is computer
  91. how to earn money online
  92. what is the meaning
  93. what is the weather
  94. how to screenshot on windows
  95. is there an offline translator app
  96. what does mean
  97. how to write a check
  98. how to vote UK
  99. how do I use google translate offline on iPhone
  100. how many ounces in a quart

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Unsurprisingly, the election of India attracted the most searched among all listed questions on Google last year. With more than 1.2 billion population, the question of how to vote India gathered 7.5 million searches worldwide, being the most googled question in 2020.

Besides, the fact of living in lockdown might make people forget the notion of time. A lot of Internet users had to ask Google about dates and days. Finally, pancakes, French toast and boiled eggs are among the most searched recipes on Google in 2020.

Top 10 most searched keywords on Google in 2020

Other than most searched questions on Google in 2020, you may also want to check the top 10 most searched keywords on this platform last year. We included their search volume during one year 2020 for your reference as well.

  1. Facebook - 1.4 billion searches
  2. Youtube - 1.2 billion searches
  3. Google  - 594.1 million searches
  4. Gmail - 428.6 million searches
  5. Amazon  - 350.7 million searches
  6. Weather - 299.4 million searches
  7. Hotmail - 272.1 million searches
  8. Translate - 266.7 million searches
  9. Google translate - 243.6 million searches
  10. Instagram  - 224.7 million searches

Despite harsh criticism related to leaked users’ data, Facebook remains the most popular social networking website, indicated by its huge volume of search on Google.

Following Facebook are Google’s products including Youtube or Gmail. The retailer giant Amazon ranks fifth in the list. Surprisingly, when people mostly stayed indoors last year, the keyword weather secures the sixth position.

Most Searched Apps On Google In 2020
Eight apps that have the highest search volumes on Google 2020

There was a surge in the demand for translation when the two terms translate and Google translate both appear on the list. Hotmail and Instagram are also among the most popular apps among Google users too.

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