Chinese "Taoist" Claims He Can Make Boobs Bigger With Mind Control

Salena Harshini |Mar 30, 2021

He makes circles with his fingers in the air, and then walks past them one by one, the video shows, purportedly making their breasts grow bigger.

In a recent video that and went viral online, a middle-aged man can be seen standing in front of the women in line and gestured to "do magic". He was performing breast enhancement without a surgical procedure.

Breast enhancement from a distance

After blessing all 27 women from a distance, the man proclaimed himself a Taoist master and announced that they would have larger breasts.

The woman stood in line while the middle-aged man was wearing glasses and a black coat. He stretched his arms and used his fingers to make circles in the air. He then walked by the women one by one, apparently making their boobs grow bigger.

Chinese Taoist
The Chinese Taoist turned out to be a fraud and made headlines.

Each woman will pay 15,000 yuan ($2,300) to the Taoist. Moreover, he also vowed not to charge customers if the breast augmentation fails.

Some of the patients gave their feedback on camera and lent credibility to his skill. One said in the footage,

“My breast size grew from 87 to 91 millimeters the first time and then to 93 after the master did it for me the second time.”

Another shared with a smile,

“I can still feel my breast bulging.”

Taoist Man In China
The self-proclaimed "Taoist" is doing breast augmentation from a distance for a group of women

The Chinese media believe that these women are just actors of the Taoist man. The Times newspaper reported that authorities were in the investigation after the video went viral online.

Besides breast enhancement, the Chinese man also said he has the ability to heal diseases like breast tumors and bone fractures. He can also help people lose weight or grow taller without any medicine or surgery.

The man is considered a fraud

Moreover, he even stated to be able to make one smarter by “putting some air in their head.” The Taoist called his technique Zhuyoushu, an ancient Chinese type of witchcraft.

He sells the ‘skill’ courses through a website and WeChat accounts, saying his health company is registered in Wuji county, Shijiazhuang. However, when Wuji’s market watchdog checked the registration, they found that it has no business venue there.

Taoist Man
Claiming to use mind-control, he is suspected of fraud.

The online courses cost 9,800 yuan to 26,800 yuan ($1,505). The man teaches feng shui skills and “secret beauty witchcraft” via them.

Meanwhile, the self-proclaimed master calls himself a Guhao Taoist master as well as a Taoist clinic head. It is said to affiliate with Jinque Palace temple in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province in North China. Despite all that, the authorities believe he might be a fraud and have high doubts about his "patients".

Chinese Taoism
Taoism is a popular philosophical tradition of Chinese origin.

The Shijiazhuang Taoism Association made an announcement that no Taoist clinic is connected to Jinque Palace. Moreover, they said he is not a member of their association and warned people not to be tricked by tricks like those.

A staff member at the religious affairs bureau of Shijiazhuang also told the media that while there is indeed a Jinque Palace in Shijiazhuang, there is no Taoist clinic there. The staff member said the man’s business is false.

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