50 Most Dangerous Cities In The World 2021 - Brazil Is Named The Most

Hanima Anand |Feb 23, 2021

In case you are planning your holidays when the pandemic ends, make sure you refer to this list of most dangerous cities in the world 2021 to avoid these hot spots. Brazil tops most with 7 cities while South Africa follows closely with 6.

It’s common for residents in big cities to feel unsafe sometimes due to the density of the population there. However, to evaluate whether a city is dangerous or not, we need to look at systematic rankings which have been surveyed or researched by reliable organizations. In the post below, we cite two ranking systems of the 50 most dangerous cities in the world in 2021, evaluated by crime index and murder rate.

Caracas The Most Dangerous City In The World
Peaceful as it might seem, this is the world's most dangerous city in terms of crime index.

Top 50 most dangerous cities in the world by crime index

The following ranking is released by Numbeo, a website specialized in rating living standards worldwide. Please note that this index is updated frequently depending on the number of surveyed people. That’s why you may see different statistics on Numbeo Ranking later.

However, for the time being, these are the world’s most dangerous cities by crime rates. Their index might change slightly, but the positions almost remain the same from the beginning of the year.

Rank City Country Crime Index
1 Caracas Venezuela 84.79
2 Port Moresby Papua New Guinea 82.08
3 Pretoria South Africa 82.02
4 Durban South Africa 80.76
5 Johannesburg South Africa 80.59
6 San Pedro Sula Honduras 80.04
7 Pietermaritzburg South Africa 79.98
8 Natal Brazil 79.21
9 Fortaleza Brazil 78.34
10 Rio De Janeiro Brazil 77.54
11 Recife Brazil 76.36
12 Kabul Afghanistan 76.06
13 Port Elizabeth South Africa 76.02
14 Port of Spain Trinidad and Tobago 76.01
15 Salvador Brazil 75.93
16 Baltimore United States 75.10
17 Porto Alegre Brazil 74.93
18 Memphis United States 74.25
19 Cape Town South Africa 73.55
20 Detroit United States 73.21
21 San Salvador El Salvador 72.45
22 Kingston Jamaica 70.39
23 Sao Paulo Brazil 70.38
24 Saint Louis United States 70.34
25 Albuquerque United States 69.93
26 Lima Peru 69.37
27 Mexico City Mexico 69.33
28 Windhoek Namibia 69.25
29 San Juan Puerto Rico 69.00
30 Milwaukee United States 68.55
31 Damascus Syria 68.40
32 Klang Malaysia 68.22
33 Tijuana Mexico 67.94
34 Luanda Angola 67.52
35 Santo Domingo Dominican Republic 66.82
36 Guayaquil Ecuador 66.63
37 Campinas Brazil 66.33
38 Almaty Kazakhstan 65.80
39 Male Maldives 65.25
40 Puebla Mexico 64.99
41 Dhaka Bangladesh 64.94
42 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 64.88
43 Lagos Nigeria 64.82
44 Chicago United States 64.81
45 Cleveland United States 64.67
46 Gosford Australia 64.55
47 New Orleans United States 64.54
48 Manila Philippines 64.39
49 Bradford United Kingdom 64.33
50 Tripoli Libya 64.27

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As can be seen from the table, Caracas in Venezuela is the most dangerous city in the world in 2021 by crime index ranking. The capital of Venezuela is also the largest city of this country and stays very close to the Caribbean Sea. In the homicide rate, Caracas witnesses a shocking record of 111.2 per 100,000 inhabitants.

Durban Most Dangerous City In South Africa
Durban, South Africa is a hub for not only fun-loving tourists but also lurking criminals.

Another noticeable feature in this rank is the frequency Brazil and South Africa appear on the list. The former accounts for seven out of 50 most dangerous cities in the world while the latter contributes six. Especially, South Africa has 3 cities in top 5 of the world's most dangerous cities. They are Pretoria, Durban, and Johannesburg. Having said that, only Durban records an alarming murder rate in our second list today.

The United States is also a dangerous place for many citizens. It has 6 cities on the list, scattering from number 16 to 50, with Baltimore being the most unsafe area.

Surprisingly, such crowded and multi-cultural societies as China and India do not have any city in this dangerous ranking.

Top 50 most dangerous cities in the world by murder rate

In fact, the rank by Numbeo is collected by their own surveys worldwide. It does not specify which criteria in the crime index they rate, for example, the number or the intensity of crimes. However, the following rank by Statista Research Department published in December 2020 based on the exact murder rate per 100,000 inhabitants in these cities.

Los Cabos Most Dangerous City In The World
Don't let this luxury side of Los Cabos lure you!
Rank City Country Murder Rate
1 Los Cabos Mexico 111.3
2 Caracas Venezuela 111.2
3 Acapulco Mexico 107
4 Natal Brazil 102.6
5 Tijuana Mexico 84.8
6 La Paz Mexico 84.8
7 Fortaleza Brazil 83.5
8 Ciudad Victoria Mexico 83.3
9 Ciudad Guayana Venezuela 80.3
10 Belem Brazil 71.4
11 Vitoria da Conquista Brazil 70.3
12 Culiacan Mexico 70.1
13 St. Louis USA 65.8
14 Maceio Brazil 63.9
15 Cape Town South Africa 62.3
16 Kingston Jamaica 59.7
17 San Salvador El Salvador 59.1
18 Aracaju Brazil 58.9
19 Feira de Santana Brazil 58.8
20 Ciudad Juarez Mexico 56.2
21 Baltimore USA 55.5
22 Recife Brazil 55
23 Maturin Venezuela 54.4
24 Guatemala City Guatemala 53.5
25 Salvador Brazil 51.6
26 San Pedro Sula Honduras 51.2
27 Valencia Venezuela 49.7
28 Cali Colombia 49.6
29 Chihuahua Mexico 49.5
30 Joa Pessoa Brazil 49.2
31 Ciudad Obregon Mexico 49.1
32 San Juan Puerto Rico 49
33 Barquisimeto Venezuela 48.2
34 Manaus Brazil 48.1
35 Distrito Central Honduras 48
36 Tepic Mexico 47.1
37 Palmira Colombia 46.7
38 Reynosa Mexico 42
39 Porto Alegre Brazil 40.9
40 Macapa Brazil 40.2
41 New Orleans USA 40.1
42 Detroit USA 39.7
43 Mazatlan Mexico 39.3
44 Durban South Africa 38.1
45 Campos dos Goytacazes Brazil 37.5
46 Nelson Mandela Bay South Africa 37.5
47 Campina Grande Mexico 37.3
48 Teresina Brazil 37.1
49 Vitoria Brazil 36.1
50 Cucuta Colombia 34.8

Not being in the crime index list but Los Cabos, Mexico records the highest homicide rate in the world. In 2020, the murder rate of this city was 138.26 per 100,000 citizens on average. This means every 100,000 people living here, more than 138 victims were killed during the year.

The report also showed most dangerous cities in the world often come from Latin America. South Africa only appears once in this list though it has up to six on the Numbeo ranking.

One more time hardly is there any Asian city named in the list of most dangerous cities in the world.

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