Winning £10 million Of Lottery, This Man Dated 4,000 Women In 10 Years Before Bankruptcy

Hanima Anand |Oct 22, 2020

This man could never imagine the drama of his life. Ten years throwing a lavish lifestyle, this man declared bankruptcy at the age of 30, now earning money from his mining job.

Those who are dreaming of winning the lottery may read this story for reference. Having much money to afford a comfortable life is the goal of many people, but you shouldn’t wish you are granted such a huge amount of money out of nowhere like this man. Read the story of Michael Carroll who won up to £9.7 million of lottery back in 2002.

Michael Carroll Lottery Winner Photo
Michael is not the only victim of the 'Lottery Curse'!

Eighteen years ago, Michael Carroll (19) bought a £4 lottery ticket which equals to around 96 rupees. Luckily, he won a total amount of £9.7 million and this enormous sum of money had changed his life forever.

Michael Carroll Lottery Winner 1
Michael Carroll holding his winning board in 2002 at the age of 19.

In 2003, Michael got married to his long-time girlfriend Sandra Aitken. However, due to his giant property, Michael was found having affairs with many women as well as addicted to drugs. Sandra filed a divorce and received £1.4 million as compensation. As for Michael, he was comfortable when enjoying the life of total freedom post-divorce.

Michael Carroll Lottery Winner 2
Michael Carroll and ex-wife Sandra. She was pregnant when he won the lottery.

During 10 years after that, Michael Carroll had made love with over 4,000 women from all walks of life. There’s a time when he was in relationship with 8 girls at once. However, he didn’t find any problem because he could afford all the fees related. That’s not to mention the money he spent on drugs, which was nearly 2 lakh daily.

Michael Carroll Lottery Winner 3
Michael Carroll and one of his former girlfriends.

In the end, Michael Carroll had to announce his bankruptcy in 2013 when all the money is gone. To earn for a living, he came back to his mining job. The work was paid £10 per hour (966 rupees).

Michael Carroll Lottery Winner 4
Michael worked as a miner and delivered logs to earn money.

Michael must have regretted all the extravagant things he had bought and the arbitrary lifestyle he had followed earlier. He also thought he hit the worst part of his life after the money ran out.

Michael Carroll Lottery Winner 5
His house used to be a luxury mansion. Its back garden is used as a trash dump now.
Michael Carroll Lottery Winner 6
Inside the wrecked house where nightless parties were held for many years.

However, once people work hard, they would definitely find true happiness. Recently, Michael Carroll has found the love of his life whose name is Rebecca McNeil (26). She loves Michael for what he is doing and who he is now.

Michael Carroll lottery winner 7
Michael Carroll and his current girlfriend Rebecca.

Rebecca said if Michael was still rich, she might not stay with him then. Actually, money could buy you temporary joy but your life attitude creates long-lasting happiness.

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