58-Year-Old Grandma Confidently Flaunts Her Youthful Bikini Body That Puts Young Ladies To Shame

Leela Adwani |Oct 22, 2020

The pictures of the 58-year-old grandmother from Thailand have stunned everyone with her enviable physique. See her hot photos!

Sopit Soonthorntanasatit is a popular woman in Thailand despite the fact that she doesn’t work in the entertainment industry. The pictures of the 58-year-old grandmother have stunned everyone with her enviable physique.

58 Year Old Grandma 1
58-Year-Old Grandma doesn't shy away from flaunting her bikini body

Soonthorntanasatit who is the mother of three enjoys a massive fan base like any celebrities with more than 11k followers on Instagram and nearly 150k people following her fan page on Facebook. At the age of 58, like many youngsters, she is an avid social media user who frequently shares photos from her daily life. However, what grabs eyeballs is her svelte figure that surely gives younger generations a good run for their money.

58 Year Old Grandma 2
58-Year-Old Grandma truly has body to die for

If other same-age women choose to wear discreet outfits, Mrs. Soonthorntanasatit opts for a modern and not less stylish style. It’s not far off the mark to say scrolling down her Instagram’s grid, she is nothing short of a fashionista. Especially, she is also keen on wearing bikinis to flaunt her fit and youthful body.

58 Year Old Grandma 5
Her style is also way too trendy

We all know that at that age, women have a lot of obvious signs of aging like wrinkles, gray hair, and thinner, and less elastic skin.

58 Year Old Grandma 4
58-Year-Old Grandma with her family

However, grandma Soonthorntanasatit is not a case in point. In fact, she is always confident to don revealing clothes and looks extremely fashionable.

58 Year Old Grandma 3
She encourages everyone to drink smoothie to keep the youth

Sopit once revealed her know-how to have a youthful bikini body. Among a lot of tips already surfaced online, the lady also encourages her fans to nourish their body with “five food groups”, getting enough sleep, doing exercise, and most importantly, letting the body relax.

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