Fact Check: Video ‘How To Gain 1 Million Views In 3 Days In Youtube’ Got 7 Views In 2 Years?

Hanima Anand |Jul 05, 2020

The image of the video “How to gain 1 million views in just 3 days in Youtube” gaining 7 views during 2 years went viral on social media, inviting thousands of reactions with hilarious memes.

Recently, global netizens are having a meme fest over a video teaching people to gain a million views in 3 days on Youtube that actually got 7 views after being published for 2 years. The video is reported to be made by Low Budget Creation channel from Bangladesh.

However, is this the fact? Starbiz.com will unveil the truth behind the viral image now.

Low Budget Creation 1
The screenshot of paradox: when you teach others how to gain millions but actually earned 7.

Low Budget Creation intentionally spreads the screenshot

On June 20, a Reddit user named HazzanCisse shared a screenshot of How to gain 1 million views in just 3 days in Youtubeacquiring 7 views for 2 years. The image depicts clearly the face of the video owner while people quickly traced back to its origin, the Low Budget Creation channel.

Countless memes were created, mocking the video that is supposed to hit million views but actually flopped. People also rushed to visit Low Budget Creation to check on the vid.

Turns out it’s just a fake screenshot which is created by Low Budget Creation owner himself.

Low Budget Creation Owner Nesar Ahmed
The man behind the viral screenshot.

Nesar Ahmed, the brain behind the hilarious image, shares that his job is to create entertaining content on social media. He’s glad that people like the screenshot, then watching his original video.

‘How to gain 1 million views in 3 days in Youtube’ got 80K views in 2 weeks

Thanks to the effects of that ‘paradox screenshot,’ Low Budget Creation has attracted more and more users to their videos. Meanwhile, the original video (also the very first vid on this channel) has hit 80K views after 2 weeks of publish.

Other videos from this clever guy gain from 1K to 5K views during one week. The channel Low Budget Creation itself has 2.09K subscribers.

Low Budget Creation 2
This is a really 'low budget' creation but effective.

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Other quick tips from Low Budget Creation

Nesar Ahmed is a creative man. He often gives tips to help the audience solve common problems in life. Especially, these issues could be resolved in a very short time.

On his channel, people can find such sharing as How to stop a fight in just few seconds, How to gain six-packs in just 30 minutes or How to learn driving a car in just 3 minutes.

Is he trustworthy?

Remember when you struggle to finish your physical training at the gym daily but still having a beer-belly? And now this guy is teaching how to gain six-packs in just 30 minutes. Let’s see how he did that!

Low Budget Creation 3
His approach looks similar to a normal workout session at first.
Low Budget Creation 4
The common scene after nearly 30 minutes of squats and planks.
Low Budget Creation 5
It's a miracle this man got his 6 packs!

You can explore similar miraculous tips from Low Budget Creation channel on Youtube!

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