Students Hold Party To See Who Would Catch The Virus First, Paying Money To The Winner

Salena Harshini |Jul 04, 2020

Invited to the parties along with those who are tested positive for COVID-19, guests will put cash in a pot and who gets sick first will have all the money.

An ordinance requiring mandatory face mask-wearing in public has recently been issued by the officials in Tuscaloosa city, Alabama after they learned that students were having parties to see who could contract the virus first.

Sonya McKinstry, a Tuscaloosa city council member, said students were organizing "COVID parties" as a game to deliberately spread nCoV, the virus that claimed over 132,000 lives in America. Sonya said this action was just known recently and they have informed the council.

Covid Party
A new order has been issued after students holding COVID parties is revealed

According to McKinstry, the party hosts intentionally invited the guests who are infected with the virus.

She also added that they would put money in a pot and tried to test positive for COVID-19. Who contracts the virus first would be able to get the pot and therefore have all the cash inside.

On June 30, the Chief of the city fire department, Randy Smith, also confirmed the information to the city government. In a report on June 30, Smith expressed concern that in the past few weeks, there were parties going on, where students attended when they were positive for the virus.

He also investigated the reports regarding the parties.

Us Party
Students were having parties to see who would have COVID-19 first (illustrative image)

According to Smith, he along with his staff thought that these party's reports around the city and the neighboring county were only rumors. However, the state officials and doctors who they spoke with could confirm that those reports are true.

Smith did not specify what measures were being taken to control the action or at which schools these students attended. Tuscaloosa is Alabama's second largest city, home to the University of Alabama and several other colleges.

Just a few hours after receiving Smith's report, the city council passed an ordinance requiring people to cover their faces when appearing in public places.

Us Protest
There have also been protests in the USA in spite of the ongoing pandemic

It is unclear about whom has been contracted with COVID-19 from the infected students at the parties they attended.

McKinstry worried that some party attendees were unaware of the intentions of the host and could accidentally get the virus.

For the unversed, the United States is still in its own alarming phase of the global pandemic. Until Saturday, this country has recorded 132,101 deaths with 2,890,588 infected cases.

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