[HEARTBREAKING] Kangaroo Mom Crashed By Car, Its Male Partner Stood By Its Body For Hours

Salena Harshini |Aug 18, 2020

Unfortunately, the baby kangaroo did not survive later in spite of getting rescued by the animal rescue team.

Kangaroo is one of Australia's most famous indigenous species. But sadly, it does not mean that they will be completely safe in this country.

Every year, thousands of kangaroos are killed by car crashes. The tragic death of the ill-fated kangaroos and heartbreaking images of their family makes many people can’t help but  to help. Recently, a viral photo of such tragic situation broke thousands of hearts.

Every year, thousands of kangaroos are killed due to car crashes (illustrative image)

A kangaroo along with its 6-month-old baby was hit by an over-speeding car in Yarra Glen, 40 km northeast of downtown Melbourne. Another kangaroo, believed to be the dead one’s partner mate, stood still beside the body on the side of the

Receiving information that a female kangaroo had been hit, the rescue team immediately arrived at the scene. They were deeply moved when they found a male kangaroo standing next to its mate trying to help. It constantly caressed the female one, with its eyes showing entire shock and compassion before the loss.

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Kangaroo 1
The heartbreaking image that went viral recently

Two lifeguards named Vicki Lloyd-Smith and Pam Rixon decided to take this moment to share with the world. They want everyone to know that kangaroos are often the victims of tragic accidents and that they also feel pain and pity at the death of their fellows.

Kangaroo is a highly social animal. They live in groups and have a close family relationship and complex social structures. Like humans, this creature is also ready to protect their family when it comes to danger. And they can feel the grief and loss when a loved one dies.

Kangaroo lives in groups and has a close family relationship (illustrative photo)

Young kangaroos are very much dependent on their mother. Therefore, if the mother is injured or dies, the survival rate of the offspring is also very fragile. Rescuers took the kangaroo out of the mother's pocket and took it to the emergency room at a nearby animal rescue center. They named this little oneFloyd, but it died later due to the extremely serious wound.

The carnage of innocent animals caused by speeding taking place in Australia is extremely horrible, but indigenous people are not aware of it. They are not aware of the dangers of motor vehicles to kangaroos.

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Car crashes on animals must be reduced
Kangaroo In Fire
The wildfire in Australia that claimed the lives of many animals

In the beginning of this year, a series of serious wildfires occurred in Australia, killing thousands of kangaroos and many other animals. Therefore, the Kangaroo Protection Association hopes that this tragic photo will be widely spread and help raise awareness of people in traffic so as not to harm surrounding animals.

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