Elephant Recognized The Vet That Treated It 12 Years Ago

Bhavna Acharya |Mar 17, 2021

It is not only until 2021, 12 years later after the incident that Plai Thang meets his savior, Dr Pattarapol again and it was a touching moment for both!

The elephant is an incredibly smart animal that has not only intelligence but also feelings. It is proved by many of the heartwarming stories about elephants around the world and this story about the reunion of an elephant with the vet that saved him twelve years ago will also touch the bottom of your heart. Keep scrolling down for the full story.

Wild Elephant Phot
Plai Thang, a 31-year-old elephant in Thailand 

In 2009, a wild elephant named Plai Thang was found in a forest of Thailand in serious health conditions. The poor animal was diagnosed with fatal trypanosomiasis, a type of sleeping sickness. He was seen suffering from swelling neck and stomach, losing his appetite, and having a fever. His sickness was so severe that the elephant could not live any longer without special media treatment.

The sickened animal was found by doctor Pattarapol from the Department of National Park Conservation when he was patrolling the forest. According to the doctor, he noticed the poor elephant lying desperately on the ground, waiting for his life to be over.

Wild Elephant Doctor
Plai Thang and his savior

The doctor immediately took him to the Forest Industry Organisation located in the nearby province to receive intense treatment. Thanks to the care of doctors, Plai Thang was able to recover after 1 month and was sent back to his forest a while later.

It is not only until 2021, 12 years later after the incident that Plai Thang meets his savior, Dr Pattarapol again. It was a touching moment for both as the elephant reached out his trunk to touch the doctor, the thing he has never done to any human over the last decade. As a wild and aggressive elephant, Plai Thang has been kept away from humans and the fact that he tried to touch the doctor as an act of acknowledgment has touched the heart of animal lovers.

Wild Elephant
He tried to reached out his truck to touch the doctor as a greeting

Dr Pattarapol also recalls their first meet and says that he will never forget the unique sound of the poor animal breathing his last breaths. He also adds that it is a heartwarming and special moment to see Plai Thang again and knows that he is still healthy and safe.

In addition to that, the doctor hopes that everyone can be more aware of nature conservation and support doctors like him in protecting the wild environment!

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