Heart-Touching! This Stray Dog Guards Its Injured Friend All Night Till Medical Staff Came To Rescue

Hanima Anand |Feb 19, 2021

The caring dog was seen patiently waiting around its friend that was hit by a car. It seemed to be taking care of the injured animal and protecting its friend against strangers.

When the world of humans is racing for monetary values, and sometimes ignoring morality, this canine friendship is definitely a reminder for all of us.

Stray Dog Taking Care Of Injured Friend In Brazil
Photos of two loyal canine friends who took great care of each other all the time!

Stray dog in Brazil taking care of its injured friend

The incident took place on a Brazil main road on Valentine’s Day. Passers-by noticed two dogs of the same kind along the road: one lying on the ground and the other guarding nearby.

It turned out the injured dog was hit by a car, leaving it unable to get up. Its friend, the other dog, walked around, licked it, and protect the poor animal against anyone who approached them.

Stray Dog Taking Care Of Injured Friend 1
The stray dog licked its friend, seemingly tried to heal the injured parts.

A WhatsApp user has shared the video on social media, which reached a local animal non-government organization. They decided to help.

Stray Dog Taking Care Of Injured Friend 2
It always stayed around and protected the injured one from nearby people.

However, it’s not until the next morning that the volunteers arrived at the location. According to nearby residents, the loyal dog had stayed there with its friend all night long.

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Medical staff came to rescue

In the morning, volunteers from the local NGO came to the place and saw two dogs there. They could have arrived on Sunday afternoon if their vets had been available. However, when the vet and the volunteer came on Monday morning, they were glad both dogs were still safe.

Stray Dog Taking Care Of Injured Friend 3
When the injured dog was in the clinic, its friend was also next to its bed.

The injured dog was immediately taken to a clinic while its caring friend always stayed around. Marina, one of two volunteers told that it took a while for them to win trust from the guard dog. It was aggressive at first but then agreed to let two women take its friend into the car.

‘It stayed close to the injured dog the whole time, it licked it and ran its paws over its body as if it were trying to revive it.’

‘When we put the injured dog in the car, the other one had already jumped on the seat and stayed with its pal right up to the moment it received treatment in the clinic.’

Stray Dog Taking Care Of Injured Friend 4
Caju and Castanha at their temporary home

A happy ending for two stray dogs

After the injured animal got proper medical treatment, the local animal organization has named two dogs as Caju and Castanha, giving them a temporary home at the same time.

The NGO said that they were much surprised seeing the companionship between these two dogs, either at the clinic or at their temporary home then. Caju and Castanha will also have their adoption announcement soon after the latter recovers from its injury.

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