Chris Hemsworth And Elton John Donated $1 Million For The Fight Against The Australia Wildfires

Rose Advani |Jan 09, 2020

Australia's wildfires is catching the attention of the whole world. Thor actor Chris Hemsworth and Elton John supported the fight against the disaster $1 million.

Sadly, we began the new decade with a disaster - Australian’s wildfires, happened as the result of global warming. And the in-time rains gave us the hope to end of fires that destroyed Australia for the previous days. Lots of blazes still burn out of control that continues threatening property and wildlife.

Austrailia's Wildfires
Austrailia's Wildfires

As estimated on Tuesday, the wildfires took the world 25 live, destroyed 2, 000 homes, and killed more than 500, 000 million of wide lives.

Elton John Chris Hemsworth
Chris Hemsworth And Elton John Donated $1 Million For The Fight Against The Australia Wildfires

As contributing to the effort to fight against the disaster, Chris Hemsworth and his family decided to donate $1 million to help Australians overcome the destruction. The thor actor also share links of his bio and charities "who are working flat out to provide support and relief during this devastating and challenging time."

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When sharing about his donation on Twitter, Elton John wore: "God bless, Australia."

Elton John

Other Celebs make big supports for the fight to this wildefires

Not only Chris Hemsworth and Elton John supported Australian’s wildfire, but we can also see the big names with other supporting action as Margot Robbie, Nicole Kidman, Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Selena Gomez, and other celebrities.

Margot Robbie shared a photo of herself as a young girl when she was a youngster in Australia and captioned with emotional words:

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Selena Gomez got the same point with Kim Kardashian and she also supports the wildfires with praying words and donations, but she did not reveal the number.

Selena Gomez, Chris Hemsworth, Australia Wildfires
Selena Gomez also put her hand to support Australian

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Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban announced that she and her family would donate $500,000 to the New South Wales Rural Fire Service. Later, Singer Pink also pledged $500,000 to local fire departments.

The whole world is contributing individual efforts to support Australians overcome the disaster. Hopefully, the public keeps the positive thoughts of these adorable actions without digging something negative.


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