Distressed Mother Swan Died After Teenagers Smashed Her Eggs With Bricks

Bhavna Acharya |Jun 24, 2020

A mother swan died supposedly from a heart attack after dealing with the tragic death of her unborn cygnets.

The incident occurred on May 20 when a group of teenage boys gathered along the Manchester Canal, England and hurled rocks at the swan’s nest. The inhumane vandals had wreaked havoc on her net and killed the majority of her unhatched eggs.

Mother Swan Died
A female swan in England died as she couldn't bear the loss of her unhatched babies

Reportedly, the yobs were aiming for the islands where there was a nest of unborn cygnets. As the boy threw rocks and bricks from across the canal, three of the six eggs were completely smashed. Unfortunately, other animals’ harassment subsequently took the lives of two more unborn cygnets in the next weeks, leaving only one egg safe and sound.

Mother Swan Died
The mother swan was devastated with only one egg left

The mother of the unfortunate cygnets has recently passed away, just a week after her husband left. According to the wildlife activists, it is likely that stress accounts for the disappearance of the male swans. It seemed like the father was so devastated that leaving the nest was his only way out.

The out-of-the-blue tragedy that struck the family is believed to have caused her a fatal heart attack. Recently, a group of activists has spotted the poor mother died in her own nest.

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The heartbroken activist Micheal Mason added that ever since the unexpected attack, the female swan had constantly suffered from harassment from ducks, hens, and dogs. "I have tried to update the incident of this swan who laid six eggs, three of which were smashed by youths, she has then been harassed by dogs jumping in and harassed by a duck and moorhen and two more eggs were lost leaving her with one egg.” Michael shared on Facebook.

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Mother Swan Died 3
The male swan left the nest after 3 of their eggs smashed by the youth, leaving the female swan alone with her eggs

Sam Woodrow, one of the activists, found it extremely hard to articulate her feelings on what had happened to the swan’s family. On the hypothesis that being left on her own had destroyed her from inside out, the activist believed that was the case. She also confirmed that dying from a broken heart could occur among swans as their loved one meant the world to them.

The heartbreaking death of the mother swan has saddened nature lovers and a lot of internet users. Most of them agree that it is a criminal and the authority should track down the identity of teenagers who attacked the nest.

'This is a criminal offence and the law needs to come down on those responsible. This is not acceptable – it's murder.' - wrote an internet user

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