Indian Soldiers Ordered To Delete Facebook, Tinder, PUBG & Instagram With 85 Other Apps

Hanima Anand |Jul 09, 2020

Following the Indian ban of 59 Chinese apps, the government decided to order Indian soldiers to remove 85 apps in total for security purposes, even including Facebook and Instagram.

When the entire world worries about online security, India is the forward nation to impose a complete ban on 59 Chinese apps in the country and 89 apps in total among the Indian soldiers. The movement is to avoid leakage of information through these online platforms.

Indian Soldiers Delete Apps 1
TikTok is the most affected app after the ban from Indian government.

With the aim of maintaining sovereignty and security of India, the government has banned 59 apps from China on the national scale, including TikTok, ShareIt, UC Browser or CamScanner. This was welcomed by most residents who quickly turned to Indian alternatives such as Chingari or ShareAll.

Not stopping there, the Indian Army has just been ordered to remove the total number of 89 apps from their phones, above Chinese apps included.

Indian Soldiers Delete Apps 2
A number of measures against China were introduced by India amid LAC tension.

Banned apps among Indian soldiers are categorized into different groups as below:

  • Message apps including Viber, We Chat, IMO, Hike, etc.
  • Video sharing apps including TikTok, Samosa, Likee, Kwali, etc.
  • File sharing apps including ShareIt, Zapya, Xender, etc.
  • Web browsers including UC Browser or UC Browser Mini.
  • Live streaming apps including Zoom, Vmate, LiveMe, Uplive, etc.
  • Utility apps including CamScanner, True Caller, Beauty Plus.
  • Gaming apps including PUBG, Clash of Kings, etc.
  • Ecommerce apps including Club Factory, AliExpress, Chinabrands, etc.
  • Dating apps including Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid, Happn, etc.
  • News apps including News Dog, Da Hunt, etc.
  • Lifestyle apps including currently POPXO only.
  • Music apps including Hungama and
  • Blogging apps including Tumblr or Reddit, etc.

While many feel this order is a bit strict regarding the popularity and origin of such apps as Facebook or Instagram, the Indian government has strong arguments and evidence to back up their decision.

Indian Soldiers Delete Apps 3
Facebook and Instagram are unfortunately included in the removal list.

The Ministry of Information Technology said that they had received a lot of complaints about the misuse of mobile apps on both Android and iOS which steals the personal data. The stolen information is then transmitted to various locations outside India.

Previously, there emerge reports worldwide that users' data from such apps as TikTok or Zoom are transmitted to China's host before going to other countries. Some other applications are also claimed to access the clipboard of mobile phones without knowledge of users. This raises alarming concern over the security of online platforms and apps. Individuals are highly recommended from uploading sensitive information to online websites or literally any app that is connected to the Internet.

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