Instagram Deleted Marilyn Monroe Lookalike's Account In Fear That People Would Mistake Her For The Real Sexy Symbol

Salena Harshini |Mar 10, 2021

A Marilyn Monroe impersonator has blasted Instagram for closing her account — in case she was mistaken for the real star.

The 34-year-old Isabella Bliss is a sensation on the Internet for her avatars that look strikingly like Marilyn Monroe.

Although the sensation passed away in 1962, Bliss’s profile was removed five times in a row within two weeks for the most surprising reason.

Marilyn Monroe Lookalike 1
The woman's Instagram account was suspended as they were afraid people would mistake her as the real Marilyn.

Instagram account removed as she looked too much like Monroe

For the unknown, Instagram had had her account removed multiple times as they were afraid that people would mistake her for the real superstar.

Isabella, who is a Burlesque performer, said the strange censorship by Instagram is creating obstacles for her promotion. In fact, she is preparing to retake the stage after the lockdown.

One of the most famous pictures of the sexy symbol.

The Marilyn Monroe lookalike said,

“I was asked to clearly state I’m not the celebrity in question.

It’s almost insulting to the public that Instagram and Facebook think people would mistake me for a woman who’s been deceased since 1962.

“It just seems utterly outrageous that I’m being personally attacked or victimized for using my social media platform for part of my business.”

The Marilyn Monroe lookalike, who comes from Basildon, Essex, says the pages help her advertise herself and receive bookings. They are her “shop window”.

Marilyn Monroe Lookalike
And this is Marilyn Monroe lookalike.

The screen icon would be 94 years old if she was still alive today. Moreover, Bliss shared they clearly mentioned that she is a Monroe tribute artist.

Instagram apologized

A spokesman for Instagram said that the account had been removed due to a mistake. It has now been restored and they apologized for the error.

Isabella Bliss
Isabella Bliss said: 'I was asked to clearly state I’m not the celebrity in question.'

Marilyn Monroe is one of the everlasting beauty icons of all time. It is no doubt that a lot of fans and those who are inspired relive her image although she was gone a long time ago.

Marilyn Monroe Vs Isabella Bliss
An Instagram spokesman stated that 'The account was removed in error and has now been restored.'

Isabella Bliss is also famous for her uncanny resemblance to the star.

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