Drinking 5 Litres Of Water Per Day To Cure Covid, British Man Collapsed

Hanima Anand |Dec 31, 2020

The man nearly sees his death when drinking excessive water to treat Covid-19 as rumored. Lucky him, his wife reacted quickly and saved his life.

This is a bizarre method of a Covi-19 treatment we have heard for the first time, but a British man has mastered it. However, instead of curing the disease, he nearly lost his life.

Man collapsed when drinking 5 litres of water daily

Luke Williamson (34) from Bristol, England suffered from Covid-19 symptoms. He went to the doctor and was recommended to drink enough water to improve his health condition.

Though the doctor recommended only 2 litres of water per day, Luke felt he could raise the level and actually drank 5 litres daily.

As a consequence, one day, he collapsed because the sodium levels in his body went dangerously low. Luckily, his wife saw him and called an ambulance right after.

Man Collapsed On The Floor
The man might have lost his life if his wife hadn't reacted timely.

After being hospitalized, Luke remained unresponsive for more than 20 minutes. He then needed ventilator support for the next three days.

Elaborating on what happened, Luke’s wife said that he had been advised to drink plenty of fluids after being infected with Covid-19. One night, he was about to have a bath, then she heard a huge bang. When she got there, he had passed out and collapsed.

After some days at the hospital, Luke was recovering. His wife felt grateful as the hospital staff were brilliant in correcting his electrolytes. He could come home soon with this recovery speed.

Signs of drinking too much water

Water is essential to our body but that doesn’t mean you should consume as much as you can. Drinking too much water can cause deadly consequences if not getting medical support timely.

Here’s what happens when you are overhydrated. Once you drink too much water, the sodium levels in your bloodstream would go abnormally low, causing the inside of your body cells to flood. This is called hyponatremia or water intoxication. This can later lead to serious health problems such as seizures, coma or death.

So, when is it too much?

Man Drinking Water
Don't refill your bottle immediately after it runs out of water!

The amount of water you should consume per day ranges from 1.5 litres to 2 litres, but it depends on your health condition, daily activities and many other factors like weather.

However, if you often carry a water bottle all day and refill it right when it’s empty, you are probably drinking too much water. Another way to decide is to look at your urine color.

If your urine has no pigmentation, it’s also a sign that you are overhydrated. The natural color of urine should be straw-like or transparent yellow.

Make sure you are thirsty when you drink water because your body understands itself the most.

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