Chinese Parents Sell Daughter's Corpse As A Ghost Bride For Rs 9 Lakh

Hanima Anand |Dec 14, 2020

The Chinese family was found having dug their daughter’s grave who was dead for 12 years to sell for another family for a marriage ritual. They received Rs 9 lakh in return.

The world never lacks strange things and this ghost bride story below from China is one of the latest. According to reports, Kang CuiCui killed herself 12 years ago after having an argument with her husband Li Zhong. She was first buried in the Li’s family graves but then Mr. Li had moved all the graves without Kang’s to another place.

Family sold daughter's corpse to avoid her being lonely

Believing their daughter was lonely, Kang’s parents decided to dig up her tomb and sell her corpse to another family whose son was dead unmarried so that they could arrange a ghost marriage for the two deceased.

Chinese Parents Sell Daughter Corpse As Ghost Brid
The tomb was dug up and Kang's body was moved out.

On November 14, when Mr. Li visited the tomb, he was shocked that his wife’s body and all jewelry buried with her went missing. He contacted the police who found that it’s Kang’s parents that altered the tomb.

To be specific, Kang’s body was performed a ritual as a ghost bride to a ghost groom. The man was dead in a car crash when he hadn’t got married. The two families believed by holding a marriage and burying them together, their daughter and son would become wife and husband in their after-life.

Chinese Parents Sell Daughter Corpse As Ghost Brid
Kang's body would be buried together with her new ghost husband.

As the ritual relates to religious belief in certain areas in China, the local police refused to investigate the case further on Mr. Li’s request.

Responding to the local media, Kang’s mother felt she was angry when knowing Li had moved all his family graves but let her daughter there alone.

'You moved your family graves and left my daughter's grave there. If I can't move her grave, I have to get her out of there. I can't let her be a lonely ghost in the wild.'

About ghost marriage in China

Regarding the practice of ghost marriages in China, there are match-makers who are specialized in this service. They would find dead people who match the other side’s requirement for such a marriage and get an amount of commission.

Ghost Marriage In China
A ghost marriage could take place between a dead person and another alive.

In Cangzhou, there is even a street full of agencies for ghost marriage. Chinese people believe unmarried deceased man, if not being organized an underworld marriage, would bring bad luck to the entire family and relatives.

A ghost marriage could take place with one dead and one alive or both dead groom and bride. However, women like Kang, who died young without any kid, are favorable ghost brides in the market.

Ghost Marriage In Hong Kong
Ghost marriages remain even in modern places as in Hong Kong.

On the ghost wedding day, marriage rituals are performed as usual. However, the deceased body/ies would be placed in a red coffin. A red flower will also be put on the corpse. Red is the traditional color of a Chinese wedding which represents happiness and prosperity.

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