10 Miracle Foods That Help To Boost Testosterone For Men. Watch The List!

Kanchana Ngan |Apr 23, 2019

How to obtain a necessary amount of testosterone, the supplement needed for every man? Here we provide a list of foods approved by health experts.

Testosterone is undoubtedly a vital hormone for men. Not only does it help to build muscle or grow hair, but it's also responsible for your general health, deciding you can be in good condition both physically and mentally or not.

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However, it cannot be obtained just by hours training at gyms, but nutrients are also of great importance. The more proper foods you absorb, the higher level of testosterone your body can produce. So here we provide a list of 10 most valuable kinds of food that will effectively help to boost the needed hormone.

Brazil Nuts

Testosterone-boosting food: Brazil nuts
Testosterone-boosting food: Brazil nuts (Source: Google)

One of the most necessary elements for this hormone can be named Arginine, which escalates testicular blood flow, consequently encourages the hormone-producing process. And the good news is that Brazil nuts are filled with this bio-active form of Arginine. Besides, other healthy nutrients such as zinc, fatty acids, amino acid are also present, giving you more and more health benefits. The recommended portion per day is 3 to 6 nuts.

Wheat Bran

Testosterone-boosting food: Wheat Bran
Testosterone-boosting food: Wheat Bran (Source: Google)

The wheat kernel is said to include rich amounts of fiber, a valuable source of the mineral magnesium. Just add it to your daily recipes such as pancake, protein shakes or oatmeal, and you will quickly see the result.

Ricotta Cheese

Testosterone-boosting food: Ricotta cheese
Testosterone-boosting food: Ricotta cheese (Source: Google)

Ricotta cheese is well-known for being able to fix the protein dose in your body. But more than that, it can also help to increase testosterone production and, on the other hand, restrict the manufacture of cortisol, a competent hormone immensely limiting the above's actions. It's advised to have an appropriate portion of Ricotta cheese before any workouts or eat it as a mid-meal snack.


Testosterone-boosting food: Eggs
Testosterone-boosting food: Eggs (Source: Google)

It's quite common knowledge that cholesterol dramatically assists the process of producing this particular hormone for men. As a visible result, food containing cholesterol should be appropriately included in your meals. A quick breakfast with two eggs and some slices of bread, for example, would be perfect for you to start an awesome day.


Testosterone-boosting food: Oyster
Testosterone-boosting food: Oyster (Source: Google)

If you're getting bored with meat or eggs repeated in the menu, try some seafood that is not only good for general health but particularly your "manly" hormones. Oyster is among the most recommended as providing a huge source of protein, zinc, and magnesium. Amazingly, only six oysters are enough to supply your body with the required allowance of zinc, which is known as the key factor contributing to muscle growth and other procedures.


Testosterone-boosting food: Garlic
Testosterone-boosting food: Garlic (Source: Google)

Apart from Ricotta cheese, another kind of food that can boost testosterone levels and discourage cortisol at the same time is garlic. There are various ways to include garlic in meals, using it to marinate meat, seasoning foods with garlic powder, or even eating raw.

Pumpkin Seeds

Testosterone-boosting food: Pumpkin seeds
Testosterone-boosting food: Pumpkin seeds (Source: Google)

As mentioned above, zinc plays such a vital role in producing this required hormone for men. And guess what? A rich source not to miss out when looking for zinc is pumpkin seeds, which can be easily mixed in yogurt, salad or protein shakes.


Testosterone-boosting food: Coconut
Testosterone-boosting food: Coconut (Source: Google)

Saturated fat is recognized among the key roles that stimulate testosterone production. However, some may be afraid of its proneness to heavy weights or heart diseases. That's the reason why coconut lies in this list, as it supplies you the required amount without any worries about this matter.


Testosterone-boosting food: Pomegranate
Testosterone-boosting food: Pomegranate (Source: Google)

Thanks to the high value of nutrients it can provide such as vitamins A, C, E, iron, antioxidants, Pomegranate can help to increase the "manly" hormone levels from 16 to 30 percent, also have effects on improving your mood and enhancing libido.

Cruciferous Veggies

Testosterone-boosting food: Cruciferous Veggies
Testosterone-boosting food: Cruciferous Veggies (Source: Google)

It's undeniable that vegetables are so important to our health that they should be present in every daily meal. Especially, broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower can aid the rise in testosterone because of the rich source of fiber they contain.


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