Employers Demand 12-Hour Working Day and Postpone Labor Laws, What About Worker Benefits?

Hanima Anand |May 09, 2020

Claiming that the lockdown has badly affected businesses, corporates are demanding the government to increase the working hours to 12 hours per day and postpone the labor law for 2-3 years.

Due to the serious impacts of Covid-19 pandemic and nationwide lockdown, the country is suffering a major economic backlash. Thousands of businesses in the country may face bankruptcy if there isn’t timely support from the government.

A long list of demands has been submitted to the government in a meeting with Union Minister of Labor and Employment in New Delhi, in which there are two notable requests that may give workers a big blow.

12-hour working day to compensate for the loss

Most employers reason that the working time should be increased to make up for the time they have to stop work during the nationwide lockdown.

Union Minister Of Labour And Employment India
Mr. Santosh Gangwar, Union Minister of Labour and Employment in the meeting.

They also ask for a reduction in expenses submitted to the government, considering the loss in the pandemic and enormous fees to revive the business later.

What’s more, representatives of corporates demand the authority to relax the Industrial Law, considering the lockdown time as Lay Off then remove some responsibilities of companies towards the workers accordingly.

Labor Law to be postponed for up to 3 more years

It’s understandable that employers want to postpone the labor law when they even request for a relaxation of Industrial Law to get rid of some responsibilities towards employees during this time.

There is a high chance the labor law will be postponed as demanded and the fact is some states as Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and Gujarat have already agreed to the relaxation. However, regulations on minimum wages, bonuses, or legal liabilities should be maintained as before.

Migrant Workers In Covid 19 India
When employers demand for their benefits, who will represent workers' rights?

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More demands to support employers

In response to the urgent situation, industries continue to ask for an aid package to help revive the economy. Companies should be supported in financial aspects, namely tax rebates or cheaper electricity rates.

Covid 19 In India
Small and medium enterprises in India are struggling with the lockdown.

It’s also suggested that all economic activities be allowed to return to normal in non-containment zones.

Union Minister of Labor and Employment said he would consider the demands to help accelerate the economic development and shared his sympathy with the employer groups during the Covid-19 lockdown.

So, what about the workers’ benefits?

Starbiz team hope the government would consider carefully to balance the benefits of both employers and employees.

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