Multinational Corporation DaViral Launches Site To Connect SMEs With Indian Consumers During Lockdown

Salena Harshini |Apr 29, 2020

DaViral, EatToday is the newest foody project of the popular India-based international marketing corporation, aiming to help Indians to have more and more convenient access to food during the ongoing lockdown.

Da Viral, an India-based multinational marketing corporation, has just launched its newest eatery project to support Indians and food enterprises during this tough time of lockdown. See what you can do with EatToday website from the marketing corp DaViral!

About Da Viral

Founded in 2018, DaViral - the Creative Digital Agency now gets hold of 30 exclusive partners and more than 200 allied companies across 7 countries in the world, including India, Thailand, Indonesia, Phillippines, Vietnam, Mexico, and Nigeria.

Da Viral works directly with large, medium, and small brands to create epic content while also empowering them with unparalleled opportunities and tools to their success in content generation, marketing services, video production, and more.

Da Viral logo
Da Viral is the top India-based social marketing corporation established on an international scale

Da Viral connects brands with people by content marketing, multi-platform storytelling, creativity and innovation, paid media maximization, events & activation, digital, and social media.

They also guarantee a massive impact on the outcome for their customers. Da Viral assures to act as co-creators and partners as they feel the responsibility and accountability for the ideas and concepts brought to the brand.

EatToday - Latest Project Dedicated To Indians Exclusively

Da Viral is the next generation agency which bears the combination of content, technology, and media. They have invested huge capitals to facilitate the purchase journey of Indian customers, feeling the urge to directly connect food & beverage enterprises with their clients by 4.0 technology platforms, totally for free.

As the nationwide lockdown is still continuing, citizens subsequently have less convenient access to food. Therefore, acknowledging the entire nation’s issue due to the current pandemic, DaViral has launched this ambitious and large-scale project named EatToday.

DaViral, EatToday 1
EatToday is launched to help both consumers and food industry amid the pandemic lockdown

EatToday from DaViral is the website that connects customers with small-medium enterprises in the food & beverage industry. The service of this website can ease the burden on both sides during the ongoing crisis. To put it in another way, you can purchase and order food from various places while staying at home.

What to experience on EatToday?

This is what the website provides you with during lockdown. Not only can you order food directly to your house, but there are also other.

  • Explore

Search for restaurants, ideal eating places while checking out reviews, images, videos of the dishes.

Rate the places you have been to or save the new spots in a distinctive list for future recommendations.

DaViral, EatToday 2
You can search and choose a restaurant or eating place you would be interested in
  • Delivery

Food, beverage, fruits, sweets… delivered to your hands with many sales promotions that take place frequently.

  • Reservations

Choose and reserve your table at the small, medium, and large restaurants.

  • Self-order

You can order the food you would like to have via the menu available on the website.

DaViral, EatToday
Here is what a part of the website looks like. which displays how you can find restaurants you favor

EatToday by DaViral is a trusted community for people to search and comment on places to eat: restaurants, bars, cafes, bars, karaoke, bakeries, resorts ... in India on the website. All members from North to South, EatToday connects diners to large and small dining places throughout the country.

To date, EatToday has collected hundreds of thousands of places to eat and drink in various kinds and in most provinces in India. The website is the easiest way for you to search for and choose the best place for you and your friends.

DaViral EatToday now provides the website platform. More updates aiming at the benefits for users will be announced in the nearest time possible.


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