Train Ran Over Migrant Workers Sleeping On Railway, Left 17 Died In Maharashtra

Chandran |May 08, 2020

A horrific accident took place this morning when a cargo train ran over workers who were sleeping and left 17 dead. The perished were planning to walk 170km to get home as public transportation was unavailable.

A cargo train ran over workers in the state of Maharashtra, killed 17. They were sleeping due to exhaustion after walking from the factory where they have just been fired from to their hometown.

The horrific accident took place at 5:15 this morning when a cargo train from Jalna to Aurangabad was en route to the city of Aurangabad, Maharashtra. At least one person was injured and is being treated in the hospital.

Authorities have revealed that all of the casualties were labor workers in a steel factory in Jalna. They were on the way back to their hometown due to factory lay-offs amidst the pandemic. Acquaintances of them have revealed that their initial plan was to walk 170km from Jalna to Bhuvasal. Unfortunately, they were exhausted midway after 45km and decided that the train tracks are their temporary bed before a  train ran over workers and killed 17 of them.

train ran over workers
Authorities are looking into this matter.

The Ministry of Railways has requested an investigation. It stated:

“During early hours today after seeing some laborers on track, loco pilot of goods train tried to stop the train but eventually hit them between Badnapur and Karma stations in Parbhani-Manmad section. Injured taken to Aurangabad Civil Hospital. An inquiry has been ordered.”

This is one of many heartbreaking stories regarding this pandemic. In February, a disabled boy died after his family members were taken into the hospital for quarantine. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also expressed his condolences via his Twitter account. He vowed to follow the investigation closely and will take proper measures to protect the well-being of his citizens in the future.

Train ran over workers
The horrific accident scene is covered in body parts and blood.

India, since March 25, has implemented an official lockdown ordinance on all of its 1,3 billion citizens. As a result of the indefinite halt of all most public transportations, the perished group of migrant workers had no choice but to walk home. However, starting recently, regulations have started to be untightened in some regions. Maharashtra, where the tragic accident took place, is the worst-hit state with 16,800 confirmed cases.

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