British PM Boris Johnson And Health Secretary Matt Hancock Tested Positive For Coronavirus

Salena Harshini |Mar 27, 2020

Netizens are saying that we can now add the UK Royal Palace into the Guinness Records as "the most luxury quarantine site of all time".

According to Sky News, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed on Twitter that in the past 24 hours, he had developed mild symptoms and tested positive for Coronavirus.

He also let known that he is currently quarantining himself but will continue to lead the government in the fight against this virus through online videos.


Downing Street said PM Boris Johnson was tested in consultation with Professor Chris Whitty - the head of the Prime Minister's medical office, after the Prime Minister showed mild symptoms on March 26.

A few days ago, Boris Johnson's spokesman said Foreign Minister Dominic Raab would temporarily assume the job in case the Prime Minister became ill. If Raab is also ill, the Prime Minister will hand over the work to any minister in his cabinet.

The British Prime Minister was last seen outside the 10th Street Downing on the evening of March 26 in an event to encourage British health workers to fight the pandemic.

It is known that the girlfriend of Prime Minister Boris Johnson - Carrie Symonds, is currently pregnant.

The British Prime Minister is the next leader to be infected with COVID-19 after Prince Charles was confirmed to contract the virus earlier this week.

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And the news that came only hours after that of Boris Johnson was Matt Hancock, Health Secretary, also confirmed to test positive for the novel coronavirus.

Hancock has made an official announcement of Twitter and said that he is working from home and also self-isolating.

It can be seen that Mr. Johnson had seated close to Mr. Hancock on Wednesday at Questions in the House of Commons.

Boris Matt

Support for both the leaders has been pouring in from all over the political spectrum, wishing them a full recovery.

Uk Loc
Meanwhile, UK lockdown is said to last for 6 months

As of late, 759 people in the UK have demised after contracting coronavirus while the confirmed cases are escalating as days pass by.

The United Kingdom toll is the eight worst across the globe, after France, Iran, Germany, Spain, Italy, China and the United States, according to the worldometer tally.

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