62-Year-Old Woman Married 28-Year-Old Man, Planning To Adopt Children To Build Their Own Home

Salena Harshini |Sep 18, 2020

Clearly, love has no age limit and this couple lives true to that. Read for more specific deets!

The entire country of Malaysia is surprised by the wedding ceremony of the 62-year-old Datuk Zalela Bujang and the 28-year-old Ashraf. They are officially married on September 11 in Melaka, Jasin before the presence of their family, relatives, and friends.

Ever since the photos of their wedding graced social media, the two have been garnering quite the spotlight as it was not an ordinary union.

Bride Malaysia
The two have recently got married and their marriage is making the world on fire

Datuk Zaleha Bujang is the Chief of Jasin Wanita UMNO while Ashraf is a quite successful entrepreneur. They have known each other for a few years since a union.

On being asked about her getting married to someone who is more than 30 years younger than her, she shared that it was love at first sight as they had some kind of affection ever since they met. She also said that it was like they are made for each other and now, they decided to have their own nuptials and build a house together.

Before marrying the young man, the lady had a husband and they have three children. However, her first husband passed away six years ago due to health problems.

Old Bride Young Groom
She lost her ex-spouse six years ago as he suffered from an illness

At first, all of her three children opposed to her idea of the second marriage as Ashraf is too young. As their age gap is too big, it would be easy to make others doubt that his love does not come from sincerity. She shared that she told her children that she is very lonely and finally, they agreed on her mother taking another step and gave her their blessings.

Meanwhile, when questioned whether she wants to have a baby with Ashraf, she replied,

"I don't think, I am able to conceive at my age".

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We wish them a happy wedded life together!

Nevertheless, Datuk Zaleha Bujang is planning to adopt another kid in order to commemorate her espousal with her young husband. She also added,

"Our wish is to have the patter of little feet running around our house. We are looking forward to a blissful married life.”

Photos of their wedding was trending on the Internet and a lot of netizens wishe the couple the best luck. They also supported the two’s union and admired how the three-decade age gap could not stop them from the celebration of their love.

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