Meet The Indian Lady Catching Snake With Bare Hand While Wearing Saree That Shocked The World

Hanima Anand |Sep 17, 2020

The beautiful woman catching snake with her bare hands forces the world to think twice about Indian people. Watch the video and see who she is!

The video of lady catching snake in India with her bare hand is going viral on the Internet. In fact, the incident took place a while ago but it’s not until a Twitter user re-uploaded the video last week that it spread like wildfire on social platforms.

Nirzara Chitti The Lady Catching Snake In India
Here's the Indian lady catching a cobra while wearing a saree.

In the recording, a charming woman wearing the Indian traditional saree was seen using a stick to lure the snake out of its hide-out. The cobra then ran to the bed and became extremely angry. However, the woman didn’t show any fear at all. She remained very calm and professional, using her bare hand to get hold of the snake’s tail.

Even after catching the snake, the lady didn’t rush to put it in a cage or let it go, she continued holding the snake that was trying to bite her, and finished the conversation with the house owner.

Twitter user named Dr. Ajayita wrote in the video that the lady catching snake was Virat Bhagini, a snake catcher in Karnataka. However, another person came to correct the information.

The exact name of this woman catching snake with bare hand is Nirzara Chitti. She is a professional snake rescuer in India. You can watch more of her catching snake videos on Youtube.

Indian Lady Catching Snake With Bare Hand
The Tweet that brings video of lady catching snake with bare hand to the public

It turned out Nirzara Chitti was going to a wedding when she got the call to ask for her help. The lady was already wearing her saree at that moment and didn’t bring any special equipment with her. To arrive timely, Nirzara decided to come and catch the snake with the perfect poise in the traditional dress though she admitted later it was a bit difficult.

Reacting to the video, people praise her fearless behavior and admire her well-trained manner. Netizens also indicate that the video of this lady catching snake with bare hand is exactly the empowerment for women in general.

Here are some different reactions from people across Twitter on Nirzara Chitti’s amazing story.

Comments On Video Of Lady Catching Snake
Some worry about safety but remember she is a professional snake catcher!

While her action looks smooth and leaves no injury, we do not recommend you try the same thing at home. Please note that this lady is a professional snake rescuer, so even without equipment, she could do it safely. Do not try to catch any type of snake with your bare hands. Call experts to handle the situation instead.

Here's another girl who catches a cobra with bare hand while sunbathing. Salutes to our amazing women!

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