2-Feet-Tall Man Resorts To Police Help After Spending 5 Years Looking For A Wife

Hanima Anand |Mar 16, 2021

The 26-year-old man has spent 5 years looking for a match but couldn’t find one. As cops are supposed to do public service, he asked police to help him find a wife.

Azeem Mansuri is a 26-year-old man in India. At his age, most of his friends have got married but he couldn’t find one because Azeem is just 2 feet tall (60 centimeters). Azeem is among people diagnosed with dwarfism.

Story of a lonely dwarf man

Every time a family comes to his house for a "rishta", which means a proposal for marriage in India, Azeem tries not to expect too much. He understands people will hardly accept his appearance.

Azeem Mansuri 1
Mansuri is a rich Indian man running a chain of cosmetic stores but has no girlfriend.

In fact, Azeem Mansuri owns cosmetic stores and has enough money to make ends meet for the entire family of his own. However, whenever a family came, they left after seeing his height. The story repeats itself for 5 years to date.

Tired of looking for a wife in the traditional way, and also countless matchmaking services, Azeem Mansuri decides to ask for police help, who he thinks is supposed to do public services.

Azeem first met the former chief minister in Lucknow, India, and pleaded with him for help. The official then came to Azeem’s family and convinced his relatives to get him married. It’s apparent that the 2-feet-tall guy complained that his family didn’t help him.

Azeem Mansuri At Police Station 1
He resorts to police station to seek help after 5 years searching for a wife in vain.

However, his brother-in-law explained to the official that they truly wanted to get him married. Their parents started looking for a match since Azeem was 21. However, whenever a family came and saw him, they turned him down.

Police had no idea either

Finally, Azeem went straight to the Kairana police station. He wrote a letter to the authority and asked them to help him find a wife. His letter didn’t get a response from the Chief Minister in the state, which made him return to the police station again and again.

Azeem Mansuri At Police Station 2
Azeem didn't give up hope and kept asking police for help.

Sharing about Azeem’s case, the officials at the station said they didn’t know what to do but they would see what could be done to help him find a wife.

Azeem, meanwhile, couldn’t sleep at night for feeling lonely. He feels he was hurt by the constant rejections from others.

"I can't sleep at night. I have been trying for so long now. Should I not have anyone to share my life with?”

Latest reports show that after Azeem's story is posted online, he is getting calls for rishta. Hope we will see him soon in the groom's attire.

Azeem Mansuri 2
He is getting calls from potential bride families after the story went viral.

What is dwarfism?

In fact, there are many people experiencing the same situation as Azeem Mansuri. This is called dwarfism, a medical condition when an adult's height does not exceed 4 feet 10 in (147 cm).

Dwarfism is characterized by unusually short limbs but the intelligence and life expectancy of these people are mostly normal. That’s why many dwarf people get married and have healthy children.

Peter Dinklage
Peter Dinklage is one of the most famous dwarf people in the world at the moment.

One of the most famous dwarf men in the world is Peter Dinklage, the Game of Thrones actor. He is only 135 cm tall. He got married to Erica Schmidt in 2005 and they have 2 kids together.

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