Aroused Woman Tries To Recreate Fifty Shades of Grey Scene, Ending Up Asking Police To Rescue

Salena Harshini |Oct 13, 2020

Inspired by the steamy novel slash movies, a woman tried something new to her satisfaction but got herself into unexpected trouble.

On a surprising turn of events, a woman has recently taken things a bit too far as she tried to recreate a steamy scene from Fifty Shades of Grey on her own. In detail, she bound herself to a steering wheel and gagged herself with tape till she could hardly breathe.

According to The Local Spain reports, officers from the national police force of Spain found the lady whose identity has not been disclosed alone in Citroën 3 close to Las Teresitas, a famous nude beach in Tenerife, the biggest of the Canary Islands.

50 Shades
Inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey, a woman tied herself to her car but could not get herself out of it

A bypasser raised the alarm as he hard the repeatedly blaring horn as the lady hit her head against the steering wheel. She was unable to move and her arms bled as her wrists were tied to the wheel with cable ties while her neck was coiled with duct table.

The petrified bystander was worried that it was a crime scene. However, the truth turned out to be not as serious as the cops quickly determined that this woman’s torture was self-imposed, as reported by an outlet. She was set free after they used a knife to cut the tie and duct tape.

The lady told the rescuers,

“I wanted to recreate a scene from ’50 Shades of Grey’ but it got out of hand.”

50 Shades 1
The film has a lot of arousing scenes

According to La Opinión, a local paper, the woman added, “I don’t have a partner and I am alone.”

She was then hospitalized due to the cuts and effects of limited breathing.

A camper on the beach that is notorious as a sensual outdoor spot has shared with the paper that the lady may have bound herself to the steering wheel for a while as he had heard the blaring horn for around two hours.

50 Shades 2
The woman just wanted to try some new venture, but it seems that luck did not come her way

The famous erotic novel series Fifty Shades of Grey by author E.L. James was adapted into the not really appreciated but extremely cult films starring Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson. The movies have a lot of scenes with BDSM which stands for bondage, discipline, and sadomasochism. Fifty Shades of Grey has been the inspiration for many ever since its release, but the extreme of it is rarely known of until this case.

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