Single-mom Filipina Nanny Risks Her Life To Save Babies In Canada

Bhavna Acharya |Mar 02, 2021

The brave nanny is also a single mother who is the sole provider of her entire family.

Working as a nanny in North American countries is one of the most popular job opportunities for young Filipina women named Jillian Mendoza. Although the job brings them a good income, working overseas is also risky in many ways.

Recently, a 24-year-old nanny working in Toronto, Canada, risked her life to protect 2 children from an out-of-control car. The heroic woman, however, is suffering from severe injuries.

Nanny Saves Boys
She was walking with two kids on the stroller when an SUV losing control and pinned onto them

A few days ago, the internet was taken by storm after a Filipino woman, who is working as a nanny for a family in Toronto, Canada was hit by an SUV on the sidewalk when she tried to protect two kids. Although the kids are safe, the young nanny was badly injured. She was sent to the nearby hospital immediately and had to undergo major surgeries relating to her bone fractures and neck wounds.

According to many witnesses, the heroic woman pushed her children out of the way when she noticed the out-of-control car coming her way. She was pinned by the car but what is most important to her is the safety of the two kids. Her selfless action has received praise from people and makes headlines in the media.

Meanwhile, despite serious injuries and incredible pains, the young nanny remains a positive attitude while being in the hospital. The latest pic of her saw Mendoza posing with a V sign and gorgeous smile amid a lot of medical aids surrounding.

Mendoza Handout
Mendoza Handout is a careful and responsible nanny

While her braveness is much appreciated, it’s heartbreaking to know that Jillian Mendoza is a single mom who is the breadwinner of the family. She went to Canada to earn money for her daughter and old parents who are still living back in the Philippines.

The story of the heroic nanny touches the heart of many people that they raised a $148,000 fund to support her and her family. It's heartwarming to see that nice people are always being paid back for what they've given away!

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