Teenage Boy Cycles More Than 400km In Five Days To Find His Parents

Bhavna Acharya |Mar 04, 2021

The emotional moment when Ngoan met his parent after the very long ride has touched the hearts of everyone as no one could hold back their tears.

Family relationship is always one of the most sacred and inspiring connections on earth. No matter how old we are, being with our parents and family is still the happiest moment. It's more difficult for a teenage boy to be hundreds of km far away from his mom for months. Missing her so much, he decided to take on a 400km ride on a bike to come and see her.

Boy Cycle 400 Km
12-year-old Vietnamese boy cycled 400km to reunite his mother who is working away from home

The longest ride ever of a 12-year-old kid

It was the heart-touching story of a 12-year-old Vietnamese boy called Pham Van Ngoan. Together with two of his friends, the boy went on the longest trip ever in his life just to see his mother who is working as a worker in the city.

With 40,000 VND (nearly 84 pesos) borrowed from friends and 2 old bicycles, the three took their ride by turns and stopped on the sideroad to rest. They also asked for free water and bread from families they met along the road.

As a part of their secret plan, the young boys didn't let anyone knows about their great ride. Ngoan's grandparents, whom he is living with, were freaked out realizing the missing of their grandson. The local police also rushed to seek the three boys. Meanwhile, Ngoan's parents, who were living in the city also headed back home straight away to find their son.

Boy Cycle 400 Km To Find Mother
With 83 peso and 2 old bicycles, three boys made the longest trip ever in their life

Make a 400km ride but unable to see his parents

It was not until 5 days after the three boys found missing that they arrived at the rented house of Ngoan's parents in the city. However, he was unable to meet his mother and father as they rushed back home a few days before to seek him.

The three were wandering around when they were noticed by local police. He soon understands the case and connected to the authority to send three boys back home to reunite their parents.

3 Boys Vietnam
The story touched the heart of many people as one decided to give three boys new bicycles

The emotional moment when Ngoan met his parent after the very long ride has touched the hearts of everyone as both could not hold back their tears.

It's not also the story of a little boy but many other children who have been living away from their parents as they have to move to another city or even another country with the hope of making more money and give their kids a better life!

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