Man Insists Ex-Wife Pay $1,800 Food Expenses & Pre-Marriage Medical Test Cost Before Divorce

Hanima Anand |Mar 06, 2021

The man wouldn’t let her leave if she didn’t pay for the food expense in 12 months she lived at his house. He also removed the battery of her electric bike because he was the one to fix it.

When it comes to divorce, it’s common knowledge that the shared properties would be divided equally between the two, upon the agreement of both. However, this man insisted on his ex-wife paying the fees he spent on her before signing the divorce papers.

A thrifty or frugal husband?

The 31-year-old Vietnamese wife took to her social account her one-off ordeal with the frugal husband. They got married one year ago and got along with each other for several months. When conflicts arose, the woman wanted to file a divorce.

Woman To Pay For Food Expense Before Divorce
After paying her ex-husband the food expenses, the woman posted her story on Facebook.

In fact, the husband also agreed with their separation but insisted she must pay him the 12-month food expenses when she lived with his family in their house. He also asked her to pay for the pre-marriage medical test and the money his mother gifted her at the wedding. The total amount of money is around $1,800.

Desperate to find an escape, the woman resorted to paying him the fee so that he could sign divorce papers and let her leave with her personal belongings.

Not stopping there, the day she came to his house to pack her belongings, she found that he had removed the battery of her electric bike.

Man Removing Battery Of Electric Bike
The husband removed the battery of her electric bike because he paid for it.

When being asked, the husband said he paid for the battery repair earlier, so he removed it because it belonged to him.

Out of words, the woman had to ‘walk’ her electric bike home.

What neighbors said

When listening to the story of the unfortunate woman, the surrounding neighbors were more than shocked. In their eyes, her family was an example of a happy and successful household. She was a teacher and he was very tactful in communication.

No one has ever heard of their conflicts before. Locals were also surprised when seeing her walking out of the house with a non-battery electric bike. They said they often saw the mother-in-law used the bike and bragged about it with others nearby.

Story Of Woman To Pay Food Expense Before Divorce
The post of the woman on Facebook is drawing huge attention from the community.

According to reports, the moment the couple exchanged money and belongings, local authorities were also present as witnesses.

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