Top 10 Adult Only Video Games You Had Better Play In Secret

Hanima Anand |Sep 24, 2020

Though most video games try to integrate some adult content to attract more people, not many games are rated for adults only. These are top 10 rare video games that are labelled Adult Only!

It’s such a strange characteristic of humans that the stricter we are banned from something, the more we want to get it. In fact, adult only video games are not allowed on most platforms such as Sony, Nintendo or Microsoft but there are always ways for users to get access to these stimulating titles.

Adult Only Video Games
See here the top 10 games for adults only!

Before coming to the list of top 10 adult only video games, make sure you can distinguish between this rating and Mature label. Mature video games are for 17+ players and feature violence or adult content to a moderate extent. However, Adult Only (AO) rated video games are specially designed for 18+ users with high levels of violence, nudity, or adult content.

This is the reason why playing these adult-only video games is not recommended in front of others as you may give them a bad impression of your personality.

1. Peak Entertainment Casinos

Let’s start the list with this non-violent game. The sole reason why Peak Entertainment Casinos is rated for adults only is its gambling content. Though the game doesn’t involve nudity or violence, it still earns the 18+ marking. However, the developer team used to share that Adults Only label was exactly what they wanted because they aimed to show their concerns over underage gambling with parents and lawmakers as well.

Adult Only Video Games 1
At least the developers of this AO game are fully aware of their target.

2. Singles: Flirt Up Your Life

Have you ever played The Sims? This game is very similar to that classic title, on basic operation, but increases the frequency of WooHoo moments.

As its name suggests, you can guess what this adult only video game requires its players to do: feeding the characters, taking care of their needs and so on. And because it simulates the life of two housemates, some intimacy is unavoidable.

Adult Only Video Games 2
A man and a woman living in the same house, what do you think gonna happen?

Singles: Fflirt Up Your Life was developed by Rotobee in 2003 and was censored all nudity in the US.

3. Manhunt 2 (Uncut version)

The controversial video game was finally released in October 2007 due to its extreme graphic content. Manhunt 2 was developed by Rockstar Games, following a mental patient to uncover his identity guided by an assassin named Leo Kasper.

Adult Only Video Games 3
Man Hunt 2 is only marked AO for its uncut version for PC.

Initially, Manhunt 2 wasn’t allowed to be released even when the publisher has censored the game by blurring brutal executions and removing the rewards whenever players can kill someone. After several edited versions, Manhunt 2 is voted to be released under the label of Adult Only.

4. Seduce Me

Well, we don’t need to explain further right? The adult only content is expressed right in the game title Seduce Me. At first levels, players are required to befriend ladies with small talks, gossip or visits just like when you get to know someone.

Adult Only Video Games 4
Seduce Me surrounds the life and love of sexy female characters.

Then users have to flirt the characters more often before proceeding to other stuff that everyone can imagine for a game title like that. The mature mission plus a bit graphic later on makes the Guerrilla Games title among top 10 adult only video games.

5. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

A very familiar adult only video game that you might have played it for years, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is criticized for its mini-game Hot Coffee mod with explicit sexual content. Though the game San Andreas initially appears to include normal activities around the state, the public startle when seeing the adult content hidden in its mini-game Hot Coffee.

Adult Only Video Games 5
San Andreas won't be marked AO without its steamy Hot Coffee mini-game.

Despite the criticism and AO stick, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is still considered one of the best video games in history by many reviewers.

6. Critical Point

Just looking through its name and cover images, many parents might be tricked by its high-school design. An obscure title plus Moon-base illustrations doesn’t sound mature enough to be marked among adult only video games but the fact is not that simple.

Adult Only Video Games 6
Wait until she undresses!

Critical Point is actually an adult visual game where you play male communication trying to solve a case of sabotage on the Moon where only women inhibit. Its graphic design when you go further into the plot is the key to its AO ranking.

7. Thrill Kill

The next video game for adults only calls the name of Thrill Kill for its excessive violence. The title was developed by Paradox Developments in 1998, featuring a group of vicious killers who have to fight brutally for a chance of reincarnation by the Goddess Marukka.

Adult Only Video Games 7
Personally we think Thrill Kill should be banned forever for its bloody scenes.

Together with Man Hunt 2, Thrill Kill gathers the most demonic characters with unimaginable execution moves. If you are about to download this adult only video games, make sure you have no problem with your heart.

8. Playboy The Mansion: Private Party

Playboy The Mansion is among the rare adult only video games that are marked AO for its expansion called Private Party.

Basically, the game revolves around how to make the Playboy magazine a giant business in the entertainment industry. This includes a lot of tasks, from employing staff, managing humans and developing relationships. That sounds fun at first, when users can experience like a boss in real life.

Adult Only Video Games 8
The reason why this game is marked AO is, sadly, its accurate reflection of the reality.

However, the game exposes more than it’s requested, particularly with its Private Party where murky assumptions about the entertainment world are displayed. For this reason, it earns the AO label.

9. Ef: A Fairy Tale of the Two

Similar to Critical Point, Ef: A Fairy Tale of the Two can lure teen players into its seemingly naïve looks. However, the game not only includes sexual content but also promotes strong languages throughout its tasks. To be specific, players are required to simply read out the dialogues between protagonists while showing visual scenarios of sexual content. Then, users are guided to more advanced tasks to complete the storyline.

Adult Only Video Games 9
The game doesn't stop at romantic scenes like this.

This is marked a Japanese adult novel series which haven’t been translated to English yet.

10. Riana Rouge

Riana Rouge is the last title of adult only video games today. The action-adventure game was released back in 1997 by Black Dragon Productions.

The game tells the story of Riana, its titular character, who spies on his boss when he attempts to rape a colleague. However, she couldn’t help the co-worker because the boss is too strong, throwing her out of the window. Then Riana is transported to another world where she acts as a seductive warrior fighting against her evil boss to rescue her friend.

Given its release time, Riana Rouge is among the first video games to earn an AO ranking.

If you are into mature video games but find this list of adult only video games unsuitable for your style, then we have other suggestions below!


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