Experience The Realest Love Story With Top 8 Best Romantic Video Games!

Salena Harshini |May 22, 2020

These romantic video games may not look like what they are, but they will provide the most realistic love experience for players.

Storytelling in games has evolved to another level. The medium as well as the content have matured with the stories and tackling worlds no less than those we see in books and movies. Similarly, romance has gained more spots in games, giving the virtual universes and characters the unprecedentedly freshest aspects ever. With better stories and more quality content, these romantic video games will be the best for those who want to experience love.


Platforms: PC, Switch, Android, iOS

Florence Games
Florence provides a satisfying visual treat

Integrating love into games is quite a tricky business. If you ever question how gameplay and romance are if mixed into one, Florance will answer it all. It is a pretty, interactive tale that effortlessly puts a love story into the player’s experience by bringing about a careful balance.

In Florence, you will be a young girl in her 20s, and her life changes for the mundane. Her daily life feels like a loop until she meets her “the one”.

Florence’s interactive elements are simplistic yet very profound.

It is best when you experience this game yourself.

The Witcher 3

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Switch, PC, Xbox One

The Witcher 3
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt also has one of the best storylines

The Witcher 3 is an overwhelmingly dazzling and big open world which hands the player the control over Gerald’s progression and choices. This is counted as one of the best romantic video games as it includes many chances to seduce and grow relationships with ladies in the sprawling realm.

The first two games have solid love features, but it is until The With 3 that Yennefer is brought into the scene, complicating the relationship between Gerald and Triss. Yennefer is a sorceress who was mentioned as the love interest of Gerald in the past life. However, he did not remember her. As they have a serious history, it would be quite difficult for you to make a choice between Triss and her.

The Witcher 3 1
The Witcher 3 cosplay is extremely steamy
The Witcher 3 Cosplay
Many have been following The Withcer 3 concept and brings about a scalding look
Triss Cosplay 1
Triss is the character that has the most number of cosplay versions
Triss Cosplay
More Triss

The writing is the strongest point of The Witcher 3 as it makes Yennefer and Triss like real people.

Yennefer cosplay

Mass Effect 2

Platforms: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC

Mass Effect 2
It may not look like it, but Mass Effect 2 is also named among top romantic video games in the world

Just because it is extremely important to protect the universe does not mean you have to do it all alone. The Mass Effect series allows you to create a character from the base as well as recruit your crew members on the process.

When you are not caught up with solving some mysterious space kidnapping cases, you can take your time with your mates on the ship. Although this is available in every Mass Effect entry, Mass Effect 2 includes the top line for amorous potential.

Mass Effect 2 3

Mass Effect 2 2
Mass Effect 2 also has a large number of fans cosplaying the characters

While forming precious bonds with them, your friendships would develop into something more.

Dragon Age: Inquisition

Platforms: Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PC

Dragon Age Inquisition
BioWare is among the top developers who manage to build the best romance for role-playing games

In Dragon Age, your relationships develop when you choose the right dialogue choices and it depends a lot on your target’s favorable plot decisions.

The romantic video games carry a level of real sense: like the real world, these in-game people also have specific preferences and things they want in a relationship.

How you treat the people around you and the way you approach the quests will have an influence on your journey to find love.

Life is Strange: Before The Storm

Platforms: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Android, iOS

Life Is Strange Before The Storm
The episodic graphic adventure game is also among the best romantic video games

The original version of this game has a woman cast including two teenagers, Chloe and Max, who possessed a magnetic relationship. They begin as friends but can be steered towards something more than that.

They have a deep fellowship and gradually become involved romantically. The development is natural, accentuating the highs and lows in a teen bond as well as the insecurities packed in a rod.

To the Moon

Platforms: Android, iOS, PC

To The Moon
To the Moon has all that it takes to be a must-play video game

To the Moon focuses on one of the most heartfelt love stories you have ever seen in video games. Before bidding adieu to life, Johnny Wyles aspires to go to the moon. Sigmund Corp. knows just how to place the memory of doing so in Wyles’ mind. However, the real memories of his tell the love story of a lifetime.

The romance between Wyles and River, his childhood sweetheart, is an example of how right a romance is done in a video game. With this game, you may want to have a tissue box in your hands.

Dream Daddy

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Switch, PC, Android, iOS

Dream Daddy
Dream Daddy is fun and has a profound depth as well

Dream Daddy, which is introduced as a visual novel, is one of the best dating simulators.

Rather than riffing off the shortsighted idea of dating sims, it handles the class in a positive light and turned into a raving success after its release in 2017.

With Dream Daddy, you will get into the skin of a father dating other fathers. You moved to a new place with your little girl, and you invest energy helping her get accustomed to the new neighborhood, environment, and school. In your leisure time, you will go out on dates. The dad jokes and plays on words make for a carefree encounter.

This is less about sexual experiences and rather accentuates the emotional links of becoming acquainted with somebody, regardless of whether it doesn't finish up on a forever-joyful note.

Stardew Valley

Platforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Switch, Wii U, Xbox One, Android, iOS, PC

Stardew Valley
Stardew Valley is also a famous video game that includes romance experience

With Stardew Valley, not only can you pursue farming but also get into the quest for romance. Considered one of the best romantic video games, it has a vast range of intriguing personas some of whom may want to get a better hold of you. Same as other things in the game, your connections are measured by a leveling system.

Though the relationship mechanics in Stardew Valley may be more simplistic than other games in this assessment, they suit the game’s entire experience.

As these links progress, bachelors can even get hitched and have an adorable wedding ceremony.

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