Osrs Bosses Easiest To Hardest | Knowing The Rankings Is Half The Battle

Leela Adwani |Jan 01, 2021

Many bosses have high combat levels and beating them has never been an easy task. Check out the osrs bosses easiest to hardest ranking!

A boss in one of the most popular games recently, Old School Runescape, is known to be a powerful and unique monster. Many bosses have high combat levels and beating them has never been an easy task. However, in an attempt to give you a glimpse of those monsters, we will rank OSRS bosses easiest to hardest to kill.

Barrows brothers

Barrows brothers were a group including six legendary and talented Saradominist warriors. After the death, they were buried in six different burial mounds. However, they are considered the easiest bosses in Old School Runescape.

Osrs Bosses Easiest To Hardest Barrows Brothers
Barrows brothers are considered one of the easiest bosses to kill

Many gamers even don’t think them as bosses.

The Giant Mole

Ranking a bit higher than the Barrow brothers, The Giant Mole is another easy-to-combat boss. Underneath Falador Park, the Giant Mole can get annoying and tedious if he doesn’t get Hard Falador Achievement Diary.

Osrs Bosses Easiest To Hardest The Giant Mole
Big guy but it's not a big deal

In order to defeat this boss, you need about 60 Melee combat stats along with around level 43 Prayer to beat the Protect from Melee.

The King Black Dragon

The third name in the rank of osrs bosses easiest to hardest has to be the King Black Dragon. However, this boss found its name on this spot only you play in a team as when you are solo, it deserved a higher position. The King Black Dragon hits relatively consistently.

Osrs Bosses Easiest To Hardest The King Black Drag
The King Black Dragon will be an easy boss if you have a team

However, if a team gathering players with above 70 Range is formed, the boss can be killed easily and quickly. The most recommended number of people in a team is more than three.

The Chaos Elemental

Next on the list of osrs bosses easiest to hardest should be the Chaos Elemental. Make sure to have at least 70 Melee stats before deciding to kill him or not. With this power, you can knock him out with a flinching method.

Osrs Bosses Easiest To Hardest The Chaos Elemental
Apply the flinching method

Dagannoth Rex

Dagannoth Rex is also termed as one of the easiest solo Bosses. In order to beat him in an effective way, the player is recommended to be at 75 Magic and 70 Melee Combats.

Osrs Bosses Easiest To Hardest Dagannoth Rex
Locating where he is standing is highly recommended when dealing with Dagannoth Rex

However, to tackle him easily, knowing where to stand is half the battle. Remember that it would take some time to get the hang of this boss but once you can locate the position, the task will turn out to be a piece of cake.

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Scorpia or also called a Wilderness boss is located around the Chaos Elemental. A bit harder than the above-mentioned one, this boss normally requires us to use at least 75 magic, 40 prayers.

Osrs Bosses Easiest To Hardest Scorpia
Scorpia is not too hard to combat

One of the interesting tips is that the user is advised to freeze 2 healers at the same time. In case, you have a team of two or more people, the game becomes much easier because a freeze spell is not necessary anymore. However, if you are in your own battle, you do everything by yourself, never take the freeze spells for granted.

The Dagannoth Kings

Similar to the King Black Dragon, the Dagannoth Kings can also be killed easily when you have a team. You just need a group including three people with 70 All Combats and 43 Prayer, you can kill all the Kings consistently during two hours.

Osrs Bosses Easiest To Hardest The Dagannoth Kings
Good strategy and strong teamwork spirit can beat The Dagannoth Kings easily


One of the first requirements to kill this boss is that you should ensure you have at least 70 Melee Combats. Another thing that should be noticed is that he should be killed in a safe place.

Osrs Bosses Easiest To Hardest Vetion
Killing Vet’ion is not that hard

There are many debates over the ranking of Vet’ion on the osrs bosses easiest to hardest list. Many think that this boss is much harder than the next one. However, it seems like they still don’t know the safe spots for Vet’ion. The task is way simpler.


The reason why Callisto places a higher spot because the safe spot of Vet’ion is a bit easier to mark than that of Callisto.

Osrs Bosses Easiest To Hardest Callisto
Beating Callisto requires you have a team

Like many others, dealing with it is not a hard challenge when you are in a team of two to four members and each player has 70 Melee Combats and 37 Prayer.

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General Graardor

You may find a lot of things in common between Callisto and General Graardor since they have the same requirements. However, you should have at least 80 Melee Combats to beat this boss rather than only 70 like Callisto.

Osrs Bosses Easiest To Hardest General Graardor
80 Melee combat stats are the minimum requirement

Kalphite Queen

The toughness of the list of osrs bosses easiest to hardest is increasing. Kalphite Queen grabs a high spot because she has an extremely accurate attack rate. Not just this she also fits frequently.

Osrs Bosses Easiest To Hardest Kalphite Queen
Kalphite Queen in Old School Runescape

It’s highly recommended to have 85 Melee combat stats if you intend to kill her.

Corporeal Beast

Here we are, the topper of OSRS bosses easiest to hardest list, Corporeal Beast. Considered the hardest boss of the game, he cannot be killed easily.

Osrs Bosses Easiest To Hardest Corporeal Beast
Corporeal Beast deserves to be the topper

You should have at least 85 Melee Combats and especially, you are unable to go alone to kill this beast. In order to win the boss, you need to have a big team with up to 5 players.

Above is the list of OSRS bosses from easiest to hardest to be killed. You can also check the video for Boss Progression to understand more about these Old School Runescape bosses.

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