Jungkook Tattoos On His Arm First Time Exposed Fully To The Camera

Hanima Anand |Jan 20, 2021

During Run BTS cookery program when Jungkook rolled up his sleeve to do some tasks, his tattoos have been fully exposed. Fans are excited seeing the images.

BTS Army, the biggest and most powerful fandom in the world, are freaking out when first time seeing a clear pic of Jungkook tattoos on his arm. These tattoos are often censored in all videos or covered during BTS performances.

Jungkook’s tattoos on his arm

This is the very first time Jungkook’s tattoos on arm are unveiled on the screen.

Jungkook Tattoos On Arm 1
For the first time ever, ARMY could see Jungkook's tattoo sleeve.

The incident took place when the band were joining the latest episode of Run BTS on VLive to make the best recipe for canned ham. Minus was the only member who didn’t show up in this cookery program as he just went through a shoulder surgery.

During the show, Jungkook, RM and J-Hope had to make a ham and potato stew. Jungkook then rolled up his sleeves to do the tasks more easily and let the tattoos be exposed.

Jungkook Tattoos On Arm 2
Usually the inkings would be covered or censored in the show.

Jimin, V and Jin, in the meantime, whipped up ham, rice and ramen. Their recipes were judged by the famous Korean chef Baek Jongwon.

Right when Jungkook’s tattoos on his arm were seen, it created a storm on social media among BTS Armys. People were all excited to capture the rare moment and shared it to others.

In fact, the inkings on Jungkook’s arm were not fully exposed yet. There were still some parts of the tattoos close to his elbows not visible to the audience. However, fans have caught the main design which includes an eye and an intersection of meaningful phrases like “Make hay while the sun shines” or “Rather be dead than cool.”

How many tattoos does Jungkook have?

The BTS member never unveils all his tattoos. All that fans have are just sporadic glimpses at his inkings in music videos or performances.

Jungkook has many tattoos on his hand, including ARMY and special symbols. Each tattoo has its own meaning or attachment to the Euphoria singer. You can check a collection of Jungkook tattoos and meaning in our previous post.

Jungkook Tattoos On Hand
Each tattoo on Jungkook's hand has its own meaning to his life.

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