Is BTS Going To Disband? What Will Happen After Their Military Services?

Hanima Anand |Jan 28, 2021

BTS's latest contract with Big Hit Entertainments will end in 2025 when most members have reached their 30s. Is there a possibility that they will disband after this time? Let's discuss here!

BTS is currently the most popular music band with the most powerful fandom in the world. The question of when this group is going to disband is not only a concern among ARMYs but also asked by fans of K-Pop in general.

Is Bts Going To Disband
The day BTS disbands, millions of people will cry in their hearts.

Today, let’s discuss when BTS will disband in the future and what will happen after that!

When is BTS going to disband?

BTS debuted in 2013 under the management of Big Hit Entertainment. Their first contract lasted for 7 years which was supposed to end in 2020. It’s also the normal time a music band would sign with their company in South Korea.

However, back in 2018, BTS decided to renew their contract with Big Hit Entertainment for another 7 years. This means BTS will be together until 2025, at least.

BTS Winter Package
BTS's latest winter package drives ARMYs crazy for their visuals.

After 2025, if BTS don’t renew the contract, they will disband. Should they extend the contract, the band could remain together till 2032.

In fact, there are many people searching for BTS disband date 2034, but there’s no proof of this claim. The current contract of BTS with Big Hit Entertainment is valid till 2025 only. All that we know so far is BTS won’t disband before 2025.

Will BTS renew their contract after 2025?

There are many factors that may affect BTS’s decision to renew their contract in 2025 or not. However, we personally think they won’t continue as the original band after 5 more years.

BTS Photo
Sad but we are afraid BTS won't renew another 7-year contract after 2025.

First, let’s see how old they are in 2025.

  • RM – 31 years old in 2025
  • Jin – 33 years old in 2025
  • Sugar – 32 years old in 2025
  • J-Hope – 31 years old in 2025
  • Jimin – 30 years old in 2025
  • V – 30 years old in 2025
  • Jungkook – 28 years old in 2025

So, after their current contract ends, most BTS members will have reached their 30s except for the youngest Jungkook. With a Korean band, it’s truly difficult to maintain their activities after this age due to the image orientation of a young dynamic music band. That’s not to mention the theme of BTS songs which often focuses on school-age youth and journey to individualism of young generations.

Big Hit Entertainment Founder Bang Si Hyuk
Big Hit Entertainments Founder, Bang Si Hyuk affirms that BTS will fulfill their military services.

Another factor that poses an obstacle for BTS activities as a band after 2025 is their military services. The septet is all supposed to register for their 18-month military services before they reached their 30s. Despite speculations of a bill from Korean minister Park Yang Woo that may exempt BTS from their military services, the founder of Big Hit Entertainment has revealed the band plans to fulfill their duties according to national military conscription laws.

Here’s the full statement from Big Hit Entertainment founder, Mr. Bang Si-hyuk.

“The company believes military service is a duty…We will try to show the fans the best of BTS until, and after, the members have fulfilled their service duties.”

Will BTS disband after military services?

As far as we know, BTS won’t disband after each member’s military service. Having up to seven members allow the band to continue their core activities as a group, though one of two people will have to halt their activities for nearly 2 years.

BTS Band
Whether BTS is going to disband or not, they have a lot more years ahead to shine with their talent.

For your information, we put here BTS enlistment dates for their military services. They could only enlist earlier than these schedules but not later. Jin will be the first one to depart while Jungkook is the last one.

  • Jin’s enlistment date: 2021
  • Suga’s enlistment date: 2022
  • RM and J-Hope’s enlistment date: 2023
  • Jimin and V’s enlistment date: 2024
  • Jungkook’s enlistment date: 2026

As can be seen from BTS military enlistment dates, four out of seven members would finish their military services and be discharged before 2025, when their current contract ends. Two members might be serving their duties in 2025 and the last one might delay his service after that decisive year.

During the time one or some members are fulfilling their services, others could totally work on smaller projects under the name of BTS. Many Korean music bands remain active years after their military services by dividing themselves into smaller duo or trio.

What will happen when BTS disband?

In case BTS will disband if they terminate their contract with Big Hit Entertainment, each member will develop their own career separately or in collaboration with one another.

Disbanding doesn’t mean an end. Some K-Pop musicians even gain more popularity after leaving their group. Take Taeyeon of Girls’ Generation for each example. Six years after separating from her band, Taeyeon has achieved various awards and is internationally recognized for her talent.

As for BTS, we believe each member will find their own way to shine.

Jin, probably the best actor in the group, might enter the film industry as acting was his initial dream before music.

RM, a talented rapper, could work solo as a full-on rapper on Korean and international stages.

Suga, with his knack for producing hits, might release more mixtapes and work as a producer for Big Hit Entertainments.

J-Hope and Jimin would be famous choreographers who train the next boyband generations of their company.

V is good at acting, so he might consider pursuing this career path.

Jungkook is versatile, and we are sure he has many options to consider. From singing to dancing, the youngest member of BTS can release his own album. He could also become a professional trainer if he wants, or learn acting to take advantage of his popularity.

BTS full group
Whatever the future is, BTS is always the best band of ARMYs.

Whatever the situation is, be rest assured we will see more products of BTS members in the future. These boys are young, talented and energetic. They won’t let us disappoint whether they are together or work solo. As long as ARMYs support them, there will always be a BTS in everyone’s heart.

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